Medical Terminology Chapter 5 digestive system

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  1. functions of the digestive system
    • to intake food to provide nutrients
    • to break down food into usable nutrients
    • to absorb nutrients from food
    • to eliminate solid waste products
  2. organs and structures of digestive system
    • the digestive system is composed of the digestive tract and its associated glands and organs
    • leads from the mouth through the anus through the pharynx, esophagus, stomach, and intestines
    • also known as gastrointestinal tract or the alimentary canal
  3. palate
    seperates oral and nasal cavity
  4. uvula
    hangs in posterior portion of oral cavity
  5. tongue
    assists in swallowing and speaking
  6. teeth
    provide hard surfaces for mastication
  7. structures of the mouth
    • palate
    • uvula
    • tongue
    • teeth
  8. regions of the stomach
    • cardia
    • fundus
    • body
    • pylorus
    • rugae
  9. cardia
    where esophagus connects to stomach
  10. fundus
    superior domed portion of stomach
  11. body
    between the fundus and pylorus
  12. pylorus
    lower portion connecting to small intestine
  13. rugae
    folds of the stomach lining
  14. regions of the small intestine
    • duodenum
    • jejunum
    • ileum
  15. duodenum
    first section of small intestine
  16. jejunum
    middle section of small intestine
  17. ileum
    terminal section that connects to large intestine
  18. regions of the large intestine
    • cecum
    • colon
    • rectum
    • anus
  19. cecum
    first portion of large intestine
  20. colon
    extends from the cecum to rectum
  21. rectum
    extension that holds solid waste
  22. anus
    exit from the large intestine to the outside of the body
  23. regions of the colon
    • ascending colon
    • transverse colon
    • descending colon
    • sigmoid colon
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