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  1. Penitentiary Act of 1779
    • secure and sanity
    • systematic inspections
    • no fees to prisoners
    • reformatory regime
  2. Categories of Offenders in Jail
    • pending arraignment, awaiting trial, conviction, or sentencing
    • probation, parole, and bail bond violators
    • juveniles, pending transfer to juvenile authorities
    • mentally ill, pending movement to mental health facilities
    • military, for protective custody, contempt, or as court witnesses
    • inmates pending transfer to state or federal facilities
    • offenders assigned to work release
    • inmates sentenced for misdemeanor offenses
  3. Regional Jails
    • Sheriff (or elected county official) has responsibility for jail management
    • Funded and operated by multiple small counties to maximize resources
  4. Reasons for Increased Incarceration Rates
    • "tough on crime" mentality
    • "shock time"
    • overcrowding of state and federal prisons
  5. Jail Admission
    • identification, fingerprinting, property is inventoried
    • post bail - release
    • doesn't post bail - classification, mental health screening, physical
  6. Classification of Jail Inmates
    • need for detox?
    • potential suicide risk?
    • protective custody?
  7. Leading Cause of Death in Jail
  8. Jail Staff Jobs
    • deputies assigned to housing units
    • transportation of inmates between jail and court
    • clerical and maintenance
    • administrative
    • professional and technical
  9. First Generation Cells
    • linear design in which cells are aligned in long, straight rows with walkways in front of them
    • problem: correctional officers cannot see everything going on in the cells
  10. Podular Design
    • common area in the middle of the cells for inmate recreation
    • problem: common area could be an issue - disputes between inmates
  11. Second Generation Jails
    • officers in a secure control room overlooking cells and day room
    • problem: correctional officers are removed from interaction with inmates, technological problems
  12. Third Generation Jails
    • Officers are located in the housing unit in direct contract with inmates
    • problem: correction officers have direct contact with inmates (i.e.: riots)
  13. Issues Related to Jails
    • mental illness
    • drug and alcohol addictions
    • suicide
    • sexual assault
    • housing juveniles
  14. Bell v. Wolfish (1979)
    • federal jail in NYC was overcrowded - did this violate the 8th amendment?
    • Supreme Court ruled that it did not violate the 8th
  15. Reducing Suicide in Jails
    • suicide watch - most inmate suicides occur within the first week after intake
    • screening-risk assessment at admission
    • suicide prevention programs - training staff is critical however
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