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  1. He led an uprising in New York in the name of King William IV against the Anglo-Dutch ruling elite.
    jacob leisler
  2. This New York newspaper editor made a written attack on the corrupt royal governor and was arrested on the basis of seditious libel. However, after a trial, he was found not guilty.
    John Peter Zenger
  3. A prominent humanitarian, he led a group of settlers and helped found the colony of Georgia in 1732.
    james oglthorpe
  4. He led about 1000 Puritans to America in 1630 and was elected the first governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony.
    john winthrop
  5. The Dutch colony of Netherland(later New York)
    was established for its quick profit of fur trading
  6. The summoning of Virginia's House of Burgesses marked an important precedent because it
    was the first of many miniature parliaments to convene in America
  7. By the 1770s which of the following issues helped bring about a crisis of imperial authority

    a. trade restrictions 
    b. slavery
    c. few colonists clung to any hope of accommodation with Great Britain 
    d. the coronation of a New king
    e. the rise to power of radical patriots in the American colonies
    trade restrictions
  8. Place events in order.

    A. Virginia becomes a royal colony
    B. Roger Williams banished to Rhode Island
    c. House of Burgesses established 
    D. Pilgrams and the Mayflower reach America
    • c.House of Burgesses established 
    • D. Pilgrams and the Mayflower reach America A. Virginia becomes a royal colony
    • B. Roger Williams banished to Rhode Island
  9. After his 1st voyage, Christopher Columbus believed that he had
    sailed to the outskirts of the East Indies
  10. One feature of the American economy that strained the relationship between the colonies and Britain was the
    growing desire of Americans to trade with other nations in addition to Britain
  11. Unlike Separatists, the Puritans
    remained members of the Church of England
  12. During the early years of colonization in the New World, England
    paid little attention to its colonies
  13. In contrast to the Chesapeake colonies, those in New England
    had a more diversified economy
  14. As the seventeenth century wore on, regional differences continued to crystalize, most notably
    the important of slave labor in the south
  15. In order
    A. great Puritan migration 
    B. Founding of Plymouth colony
    C. Protestant Reformation
    D. Founding of Rhode Island
    • C. Protestant Reformation 
    • B. Founding of Plymouth colony
    • A. great Puritan migration
    • D. Founding of Rhode Island
  16. English officials tried to "establish" the Church of England in as many colonies as possible because
    the church would act as a major prop for kingly authority
  17. define social covenant
    Puritans to Puritan
  18. halfway covenant
    conversion of members to the puritan religion
  19. convenant of grace
    relationship with god
  20. An interpretation of Puritan doctrine associated with Anne Hutchinson that stressed mystical elements in God's grace and diverged from orthodox Puritan views on salvation.
  21. WHAT DID new England economy depended heavily on
    fishing, shipbuilding, grain and commerce
  22. One political principle that colonial Americans came to cherish above most others was
    self-taxation through representation
  23. coLONY of georgia was founded because
    as a defensive buffer for the valuable Carolinas
  24. What were the salem witchcraft trials
    the result of unsettled social and religous conditions in rapid envolving Mass.
  25. The guarantee the English settlers in the New World would retain the "rights of Englishmen" proved to be
    the foundation for American liberties
  26. In contrast to the seventeenth century, by 1775 colonial Americans
    had become more stratified into social classes and had less social mobility
  27. Most immigrants to the Chesapeake colonies in the 17th century came as
    indentured servant s
  28. in colonial america education was most zealously promoted
    new england
  29. Which is not the correct geographical correlation with regards to the coloniesa. New York and Pennsylvania b. Massachusetts Bay and Rhode Island c. Georgia and the Carolinas d. Virginia and MARYLANDE. Virginia and Massachusetts Bay
    virginia and massachusetts bay
  30. In colonial elections
    the right to vote was reserved for property holders
  31. BY 1775, the ... were the largest non-English ethnic group in colonial America
  32. As a result of the rapid population growth in colonial America during the eighteenth century,
    a momentous shift occured in the balance of power between the colonies and the mother country
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