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  1. The Absolute
    • Ultimate reality concieved of as an all embracing, single principle.
    • -Some Thinkers have identified this principle with God;
    • -others have believed in the absolute but not in God; 
    • -others have not believed in either
    • -Associated with Georg Hegel
  2. Aesthetics
    A branch of philosophy concerned with the principles of art and the notion of beauty.
  3. Agent
    • -the doing self, as distinct from the knowing self;
    • -the self that decides or chooses or acts
  4. Analysis
    the search for a deeper understanding of something by taking it to pieces and looking at each part.

    The opposite is synthesis.
  5. Analytic Philosophy
    • a view of philosophy that sees its aim as clarification-
    • the clarification of concepts, statements, methods, arguments, and theories by carefully taking them apart
  6. Anthropomorphism
    the attribution of human characteristics to something that is not human;
  7. a posteriori
    something that can be considered valid only by means of experience
  8. a priori
    something known to be valid in advance of ( or without need of) experience
  9. deduction
    • Reasoning from the general to the particular
    • -eg "If all men are mortal then socrates, being a man, must be mortal"

    It is universally agreed that deduction is valid.  

    The opposite is induction.
  10. Determinism
    The view that nothing can happen other than what does happen, because every event is the necessary outcome of causes preceding it- which themselves were the necessary outcome of causes preceding them.

    The opposite is indeterminism.
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