Ecology (3)

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  1. Poor people's children help them gather fuel, haul drinking water, tend crops and livestock and help them in their old age
    How does poverty affect population?
  2. 1) Malnutrition from a lack of protein and other nutrients needed for good health
    2) Limited access to adequate sanitation facilities and clean drinking water
    3) Severe respiratory disease and premature death from inhaling air pollutants produced by burning woods etc.
    List and explain the 3 major causes of premature death in poverty stricken people.
  3. It takes 27 tractor trailer loads of resources per year to support one American, or 7.9 billion truck loads per year to suppprot the entire US population
    What is the ugly about affluent people and pollution?
  4. Can lead people to become more concerned about environmental quality.
    What is the good about affluent people and pollution?
  5. 1 )Clean air
    2) Purer drinking water
    3) Most rivers and lakes are cleaner than they were
    4) food is safer
    5) Longer lifespans
    List 5 positives due to affluence since the 1970's
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