Alpha-glucosidase inhibitors

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  1. Alpha-glucosidease inhibitors MOA
    • inhibits action of intestinal amylase and alpha-glucosidase action
    • causes delay in breakdown of complex carbs to glucose --> glucose absorbed in distal part of SI and peak postprandial bg conc reduced
  2. alpha-glucosidase inhibitor affects fasting or post prandial?
    post pranidal (decreases bg peak)
  3. alpha-glucosidase inhibitors
    • acarbose
    • miglitol
  4. alpha-glucosidase inhibitors metabolism and elimination
    • metabolism: none
    • acarbose elim: excreted in feces
    • miglitol elim: unchanged; renally
  5. when to take alpha-glucosidase inhibitor
    • with first bite of each meal
    • want the drug mixed with food to inhibit the enzyme
  6. alpha-glucosidase inhibitor potency
    • weak compared to other agents
    • good for ppl with early disease (mildly elevated A1C -> normal FBG and high PPG)
  7. alpha-glucosidase inhibitors and simple sugars
    no effect
  8. alpha-glucosidase inhibitor contraindication
    • inflammatory bowl disease
    • colonic ulceration
    • partial intestinal obstruction
    • other chronic intestinal diseases
  9. alpha-glucosidase inhibitors side effects
    • GI (gas, ab pain, diarrhea) --> reduce in 4-8 wks or with dose reduction
    • inc in transaminases (dose related)
    • hypoglycemia when used in combo
  10. alpha-glucosidase inhibitor DDIs
    • charcoal
    • digestive enzymes
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