PE training principles

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  1. what is interval Interval training
    Interval training is in which periods are altered with periods of rest. Depends on the length of work and rest periods to be altered to different energy systems
  2. Advantages of interval training
    Highly structured, enables more exercise to be performed at a greater intensity so a better quality program can be conducted and all of the energy systems can be trained.
  3. what is continuous training?
    refereed to as long slow distance training. Training for longer than 20 minutes working the aerobic system.
  4. Advantages of continuous training
    less demanding on the body as it is less intense and less stressful than anaerobic training
  5. what is Fartlek training?
    variation of continuous training, altering the intensity by short bursts of intense work enables both the aerobic and anaerobic energy systems to be trained.
  6. Advantages of Fartlek training
    both anaerobic and aerobic energy systems can be worked, training sessions can be structured or unstructured.
  7. What is Circuit training?
    method of training used for developing a number of fitness components. This training involves a number of exercises in a sequence arranged in stations with repetitions
  8. Advantages of circuit training
    versatile form of training, maintains interest at training sessions and minimal amount of equipment is required.
  9. What is Polymetric training?
    form of strength training used to develop power. involves a rapid eccentric contraction of the muscles
  10. Advantages of polymetric training
    specifically trains the neuro-muscular system and develops power. It allows the athlete to replicate movements performed in a competition situation. Athletes own body weight and minimal equipment is required.
  11. What is an individual circuit load?
    more specific training to athletes individual needs. (Individually tailored)
  12. What is an fixed circuit load?
    general circuit work, repetitions for each exercise are specific.
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