Topics Task 1

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  1. 1. Do you like boating?
    2. Why do you like it?
    3. What have you ever done by boat?
    4. Do people in your country travel by boat?
  2. 1. What kind of games/activities did you often do when you were young?
    2. Do you prefer playing games alone or sparing time with your friends?
    3. Did you often play indoor activities or outdoor ones?
    4. Which one is more popular in your country, indoor or outdoor activities?
    5. Do you think parents should encourage their children to attend educational activities, like playing piano?
    6. Do most of parents spare time with their kids frequently in your country? Or they just go for work and let the kids play alone?
    7. Do you think parents should often keep accompany with their children?
  3. 1. Did you often ride bicycle in your country?
    2. Do you like riding bicycles?
    3. Do you think it is good/ healthy to ride bicycle regularly?
    4. Is it safe to ride bicycle in urban area?
    5. Is the cycling the most popular way to go to work in your country?
  4. 1. Do you like singing?
    2. Do you think it is a good way to relax?
    3. What kind of people like singing?
    4. Is it easy to sing well?
  5. 1. Have you ever travelled to other countries/cities before?
    2. Which country/city was the most impressive one?
    3. Do you think tourism has positive influence or negative ones?
    4. What can the government do to attract tourists?
    5. Do you think tourism helps to develop a multi-cultural country or eliminate the specialty of that area?
    6. What are the benefits of tourism in terms of local residents?
    7. What are the drawbacks of tourism for local people?
    8. In your opinion, what’s the best frequency of travelling?
  6. 1. What kind of field are you mostly interested in?
    2. Have you ever changed your interests?
    3. How did you develop your interests?
    4. Will lifestyle impact the development of interests?
    5. Do you think you will have other interests in the near future?
    6. What kinds of interests are most popular in your country?
    7. Are there any gaps between the interests of the old and the young in your country?
    8. If yes, why different generations have different interests?
  7. 1. What’s your future plan for your work/study? 2. Do you think it is achievable for you?
    3. How much effort will you put into this plan? 4. Did you carry out any of your plans before? 5. Was it very hard for you to make it come true?
    6. Do you think it is very important for people to make plans?
  8. 1. How did you get to the test today? (What form of transportation?did you use?)
    2. Why did you choose that form of transport?) 3. Do you often use public transportation?
    4. What kind(s) of transport do you usually use? 5. For you, what are the benefits (advantages) of using that form?of transportation?
    6. Is it very expensive (= very dear)?
    7. Is transportation very important where you live?
    8. What’s the most common means of (= form of) transport in your hometown?
    9. What do you think of the transport conditions in your hometown?
    10. How do you think the transport system could be improved?
    11. Do you think transportation costs (gasoline, subway, bus & taxi?fares, etc) are expensive in your hometown?
    12. How has the transport system in your hometown changed in the past few decades?
    13. How do you think transport (in your hometown) will change in the future (or, in the next 20 or 30 years)?
    14. In your country, is transportation in the big cities the same as?transportation in small towns and villages?
  9. 1. What job do you do?
    2. What is the nature of that work?
    3. Why did you choose to do that job?
    4. Is that a popular choice of career in your country?
    5. Would you say your job is very important?
    6. How do you think your subject will help you in the future?
    7. How did you get that job?
    8. Is it easy to find work doing your job?
    9. Where do people get information about jobs, from newspaper or from TV?
    10. Are there other ways for people to get information about jobs?
    11. Which do you enjoy more, communicating with people at work, or the work itself?
    12. Which do you enjoy more, working or studying?
    13. What do you like about your work?
    14. Do you think it’s very important for people to do a job that they like?
    15. What other job do you think you would enjoy, apart from your present job?
  10. 1. Where do you come from?
    2. What tourist attractions are there in your hometown? Would a foreign visitor enjoy them?
    3. Did you learn much about the history of your hometown in school?
    4. What do you think needs to change in your hometown?
    5. What place(s) in your hometown do you go to in your spare time?
    6. Why did you choose to live here/there?
    7. What do you like about your hometown?
    8. What do you think needs to be done to make your hometown a better place to live in?
    9. For you, what benefits are there to living in a big city?
    10. What facilities does your hometown have?
    11. What sorts of buildings are there in your hometown?
    12. What’s the most attractive part of your hometown?
    13. What forms of transport do visitors use to come to your hometown?
    14. How could your hometown attract more visitors?
    15. Has the weather in your hometown changed much in recent years?
  11. 1. Can you describe the place where you live?
    2. What do you usually do in your house/flat/room?
    3. Are the transport facilities to your home very good?
    4. Please describe the room you live in.
    5. Is there anything you don’t like about the place where you live?
    6. What kind of decorations does it have?
    7. How do you think this room could be improved?
    8. What can you see when you look out the window of your room?
    9. How well do you know your neighbors?
    10. What kind of people are your neighbors?
    11. Do you spend much time socializing with your neighbors in your neighbors’ homes?
    12. Do you like the environment where you live?
    13. Would you say the place where you live is good for families with children?
    14. In the future, what type of place would you like to live in?
    15. What kind of neighborhood/environment/surroundings would you like to live in?
  12. 1. Are you a patient person?
    2. Is it important to be patient?
    3. Is it easy to be patient?
    4. Howcan people be patient?
    5. How to develop people’s patience?
    6. Have ever you lost your patience before£¿
  13. 1. Do you know how to cook?
    2. Do you like cooking?
    3. Have you thought about learning how to cook?
    4. What do you like to cook?
    5. Do you think everyone should learn how to cook? (Why?)
    6. Do you eat at home or do you usually eat outside?
  14. 1. Do you like to take photographs?
    2. How did you become interested in photography?
    3. In what situations do you take photographs?
    4. What kind of photos do you like to take?
    5. Do you prefer to take pictures of people or of scenery?
    6. How do you keep your photos?
    7. Do you frame any of your photos?
    8. Do you prefer to send postcards to people or to send photos that you took yourself?
    9. Is photography a popular hobby in your country?
    10. Why do some people do not like taking photographs?
    11. Why do you think some people like taking photographs when they visit another place?
    12. Do people in your country like to visit photograph exhibitions?
    13. What kind of photos do they like to look at? 14. Do you think being a photographer would be a good job?
    15. What factors make a good photograph?
  15. 1. Do you often listen to music?
    2. How much time do you spend listening to music every day?
    3. Where do you listen to it?
    4. How do you feel when you listen to this music?
    5. Have you ever been to a musical performance?
    6. What musical instrument is most popular in your country?
    7. Which instrument would you prefer to study – the piano or the violin?
    8. What benefits do children gain by studying music?
    9. Do you think it’s important to learn to play a musical instrument?
    10. Do you think schools should teach children how to play a musical instrument?
    11. Is music an important subject at school in your country?
    12. Did you often listen to music when you were a child?
    13. How does music affect people?
    14. Compare the music that young people like and the music that old people like.
    15. Why do many old people dislike pop music?
  16. 1. What kind of buildings does most of the young and old people like in your country?
    2. What kind of buildings does attract visitors in your country?
  17. 1. Who does cooking in your home?
    2. Would you like to take a cookery lesson?
    3. Do many people learn cooking by watching TV in your country?
  18. 1. Have you ever bought anything on the internet?
    2. What do you think is the best way to learn about the internet?
    3. Is there anything you don’t understand about the internet?
    4. Do you think the internet is a good thing?
    5. Is there anything that’s not so good about the internet?
    6. Do you think the use of the internet needs to be controlled?
    7. Is the internet very popular in your country?
    8. What kinds of people most often use the internet?
    9. What age group of people most often uses the internet?
    10. How can people best make use of the internet?
    11. In general, what impact does the internet have on people’s lives?
    12. How can people learn things on the internet?
    13. What sorts of things can people learn on the internet?
    14. What do you think are the benefits of “e-learning”?
    15. Do you think information on the internet is very reliable?
  19. 1. Do you like watching TV?
    2. What types of TV programmes do you (most) like to watch?
    3. Do you prefer reading a newspaper, (or reading a magazine) or watching TV?
    4. What types of programme do children in your country like to watch?
    5. How do you feel about advertisements on TV?
    6. Do you prefer to watch TV or listen to the radio?
  20. 1. What toys did you like to play with when you were a child?
    2. Do you think you learned anything from playing with toys?
    3. Did you (prefer to) play with those toys alone or with other children?
    4. If you had children, what toy would you give them?
    5. If you had to choose a toy for a child, what toy would you give them?
    6. Is there any difference between the boys’ toys and girls’ toys?
  21. 1. Do you think it’s important what clothes a person wears? (Why?/Why not?)
    2. Is it important what clothes you wear at your job? (your company)
    3. Do you think the clothes a person wears leaves an impression on others?
    4. What kinds/styles of clothes do you like (or, prefer) to wear? (Why?)
    5. Do you wear the same clothes both at work and after work?
    6. Do you wear the same kinds of clothes in winter and summer?
    7. Do your friends have the same tastes in clothes as you?
    8. What kinds of (or, style of) clothes do people in your country like to wear?
    9. Do you think you will still be wearing the same kinds of clothes when you are old?
    10. Do you prefer informal or formal clothes? (Why?)
    11. Do you feel comfortable when wearing formal clothes? (Why?/Why not?)
    12. Do you think formal clothes are important?
    13. When do people wear formal clothes?
    14. Are you very interested in fashion (or, clothes fashions)?
  22. 1. Do you often write things?
    2. What do you usually write?
    3. How often do you send e-mails?
    4. What are your main reasons for using e-mails?
    5. Do you usually write by hand or write using a computer?
    6. Do you think computers might one day replace handwriting?
    7. When do children begin to write in your country?
    8. Do you think handwriting is very important (nowadays)?
    9. How can children today improve (or, practice) their handwriting?
    10. What impression does a person’s handwriting have on other people?
  23. 1. Do you like to write letter and/or emails?
    2. Do you think emails are useful?
    3. Do you think it is a good thing that some companies send out spam emails for the purpose of advertising?
    4. What sorts of letters (or emails) do you think are the most difficult to write?
    5. Do you prefer to write letters or emails? (Why?)
    6. Do you think email might one day replace handwritten letters?
  24. 1. Have you ever been to the countryside? 2. Do you like living in the countryside? 3. What are the advantages and disadvantages of living in the countryside? 4. What are the differences between living in cities and living in the countryside? 5. The difference between the relationship of neighbours in the countryside and that in the city? 6. Are people who live in the countryside healthier than people who live in the city?
  25. 1. Do you like drawing (or painting)?
    2. What kind of pictures do you like to draw?
    3. Do you think drawing (or painting) is difficult?
    4. Do you think it’s important for children to learn to draw?
    5. What’s the difference between an adult and a child learning to draw?
    6. To draw (or paint) well, what factors do you think are important?
  26. 1. Do you like going into the forests?
    2. Do you think we should protect the forests?
    3. Would you like to live in (near) the forests?
    4. Is it important to plant trees?
    5. Are forests important for people?
    6. How can we protect the forests?
  27. 1. What is your opinion on personal hygiene?
    2. How to keep personal hygiene in schools?
    3. What you can do in order to keep your body healthy?
  28. 1. Do you like going to garden quite often?
    2. Is there any difference between the gardens in Australia and your hometown?
    3. Do you think there will be more gardens in the near future?
  29. 1. Do you do housework quite often?
    2. Who do most of housework in your family?
    3. Do you think it is good to let children undertake some housework?
  30. 1. What are your average hours of sleeping?
    2. Do you think it is good to have a sleep in the afternoon?
    3. Do you think elderly people should have longer hours sleep than the youth?
    4. How many sleeping hours do you think is better for you?
    5. What do you do before sleep?
  31. 1. Are there many (or, any) museums in your hometown?
    2. Do you think museums are useful for visitors to your hometown/country?
    3. Do you often visit a museum?
    4. Did you go to any museums when you were a child?
    5. When was the last time you visited a museum?
    6. Do you think museums are important?
    7. Do you think it’s suitable for museums to sell things to visitors?
    8. What do you think is the role of museums and art galleries?
    9. Which kind of art do you think is more important, the art we see in the cinema or the art we see in art galleries and museums?
    10. Do you think going to museums and art galleries is beneficial for children?
    11. Do schools in your country have excursions to museums?
    12. Do you think teachers should take their students on visits to museums?
  32. 1. Is it important to focus on things?
    2. When do people need to concentrate on things?
    3. Is it easy to focus on things?
    4. How can people deal with 2 different things at the same time?
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