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  1. Column
    A pillar: A columnar cells is tall and slender like a pillar
  2. Epi
    Upon or over: Epithelial tissue covers surfaces and lines cavities and is above deeper tissues.  The term epithelial is a noun, and epithelial is an adjective. For example, one can speak of a simple squamous epithelium, or a simple squamous epithelial tissue. Plural = epithelia
  3. Psuedo
    False: Pseudostratified epithelium appears to be stratified, but it is not
  4. Squam
    A scale: squamous cells, being thin and flat, resemble scales that cover the body of a fish.
  5. Strat
    A layer: A stratified epithelium is layered.
  6. Cuboidal
    Square shaped
  7. Basement membrane
    Thin extracellular membrane that separates epithelium from the underlying connective tissue
  8. Adipo
    Fat: Adipose tissu is also called fat tissue
  9. Areola
    A little open space: There are numerous spaces filled with ground substance between the cells and fibers of loose, or areolar, connective tissue
  10. Fibro
    A fiber: Fibroblasts produce fibers and ground substance of connective tissue
  11. Phage
    Eat: Macrophages, whose name means "big eaters" are important phagocytic cells
  12. Rete
    A net or network: The reticular fibers of reticular tissue are arranged in a crisscrossing, netlike arrangement.
  13. 4 Types of tissues
    • Epithelial
    • Connective
    • Muscle
    • Nervous
  14. Chondro
    Cartilage: Chrondrocytes are cells in cartilage
  15. Hyal
    Glassy: Fresh hyaline cartilage hs a shiny, glassy appearance.
  16. Lacuna
    A space or cavity: Chondrocytes occupy spaces in the matrix called lacunae.
  17. Peri
    Around: The perichondrium is connective tissue that surrounds hyaline and elastic cartilage
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