Dyslexia Chapter 5-6

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  1. What is phonemic awareness?
    Phonemic awareness - the ability to notice, identify, and manipulate the individual sounds in spoken words.
  2. Why is phonemic awareness necessary? 2 points
    Once a child has this, he/she can attach the sounds to appropriate letters. Words soon become processed automatically. Dyslexic readers take a long time to master this initial step.

    Dyslexic children have a glitch, and their phonemic awareness, and ability to segment words into underlying sounds, is less defined.
  3. Why do some think this can be advantageous?
    Many believe that as a result of the disruption of basic circuitry  for linking letters to sounds, these individuals often rely on other neural systems for problem solving, and thus they are often very creative and can engage in complex thinking.
  4. 5 Clues of Dyslexia
    • 1) Delay in speaking 
    •  - should be 1 year, dyslexics more like 15 months

    • 2) Difficulty pronouncing
    • -- by 5 or 6, most kids should say words correctly
    • -- Often leave off beginning sounds or invert sounds (pisgetti....or aminal) 

    • 3) Hard time rhying
    • -- Give them pin bin gun min -- which doesn't rhyme? 

    • 4) Difficulty expressing specific words.
    • -- Expressive issue, not thinking, can't pull out the right word, so often indirectly describe or speak generally about a specific subject. 

    5) Can't learn the alphabet! Or the sounds and their names. 

    Messed up Ps and Bs is not a sign of dyslexia, better to see if they can name the letters.
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