Membranes: Peripheral Proteins and Lipid-Anchored Proteins

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  1. a.       associated with membrane by __

    b.      can be solubilized by __ that __holding peripheral proteins to a membrane

    • weak electrostatic bonds
    • extraction with high-concentration salt solutions
    • weaken the electrostatic bonds
  2. c. best studied peripheral proteins are located on the __ of the plasma membrane, where they form a __ that acts as a __
    i. these proteins provide __ for the membrane and function as an __for __membrane proteins
    • internal (cytosolic) 
    • fibrillar network
    • membrane "skeleton"
    • mechanical support
    • anchor 
    • integral
  3. b.      other peripheral proteins on the internal plasma membrane surface function as __, __, or __ that transmit transmembrane signals
    c.       have dynamic relationship with the membrane, being recruited to __ the membrane
    • enzymes, specialized coats, or factors
    • recruited to or replaced from
  4. a.      numerous proteins on the external membrane are bound by small, complex __linked to a molecule __embedded in the __ of the lipid bilayer
                                                                  i.      __membrane proteins containing this type of __ are __ proteins
    • oligosaccharides 
    • PI
    • outer leaflet
    • peripheral 
    • glycosyl-phosphatidylinositol linkage
    • GPI-anchored
  5. a.      On the cytoplasmic side, proteins are anchored to the membrane by one or more __ embedded in the __ of the lipid bilayer
                                                                  i.      ex: Src and Ras can transform cell to malignant one
    • long hydrocarbon chains
    • inner leaflet
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