Calc 3 Exam 1

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  1. Distance Formula
    d=Image Upload
  2. sphere of radius r and center (h,j,k)
    Image Upload
  3. equation of a plane
    Image Upload
  4. standard basis vectors
    • i= <1,0,0>
    • j= <0,1,0>
    • k= <0,0,1>
  5. unit vector
    a vector of length 1
  6. Dot Product
    Image Upload

    Image Upload
  7. When are two vectors parallel to each other?
    When they are scalar multiples
  8. When are two vectors orthoganal or perpendicular to each other?
    When their dot products is zero
  9. what is the equations of Image Upload
    Image Upload
  10. Scalar Projection
    Image Upload
  11. what does the cross product help to find?
    the area
  12. what is the product of a cross product?
    a vector perpendicular to both a and b
  13. Dot product produces a?
  14. Cross product produces a?
  15. Vector equation for a line
    • Image Upload
    • Image Upload is the point
    • Image Upload is the vector
  16. equation of a plane
    • Image Upload
    • Image Upload

    Image Upload
  17. Two things needed to produce an equation of a line
    • point
    • parallel vector
  18. Two things needed to produce a plane
    • point
    • perpendicular vector
  19. Ellipsoid
    Image Upload
  20. Elliptic Paraboloid
    Image Upload
  21. Hyperboloid on one sheet
    Image Upload
  22. Hyperboloid on two sheets
    Image Upload
  23. Cone
    Image Upload
  24. hyperbolic paraboloid
    Image Upload
  25. Define space curve
    any curve in space
  26. formula for a helix
    Image Upload
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