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    • Basic principles of the Constitution
    • Supremacy clause federalism separation of powers checks and balances
  1. McCullock versus Maryland
    Congress can make bank, necessary and proper clause allows Congress to take actions not in Constitution, States cannot tax national government
  2. Givens verses odgen
    Court upheld broad congressional power over Interstate Commerce
  3. US versus Lopez
    Court invalidated the section of the guns Free School Zone Act rolling that regulating guns did not fall within scope of Commerce Clause and therefore the power of the federal government on the states have the authority the band guns in school zones
  4. Dred Scott versus Stanford
    Concluded that US Congress select constitutional authority to ban slavery in the territories; narrowed scope a national power while enhanced that of States
  5. Marbury versus Madison
    Spring court case in which the court asserted the power of judicial review and finding that a Congressional statue extending the courts original jurisdiction was unconstitutional
  6. Webster verses reproductive health services
    Upholding several restrictive abortion regulations, the court open the door for state governments to enact restrictions on abortion
  7. Enumerated powers
    17 powers granted under Congress under Article 1 Section 8 of Constitution, 3 powers include taxation, coinage of money, regulation of commerce, and, authority to provide national defense
  8. Concurrent powers
    Authority passed by both state and national governments that may be exercised concurrently only as long as that power is not excessively within the scope of national power or in conflict with national law
  9. Block grant
    Broad grant with few strings attached; given States by federal government for specified activities, such as secondary education or health services
  10. Categorical grant
    Grant for which Congress appropriate funds for specific purpose
  11. Mandate
    Command, indicated by an electorants votes, for the elected officials to carry out platforms
  12. Funded mandate
    When Congress give States money to do something
  13. Unfunded mandate
    • Congress to the States to do something without giving the money
    • States must raise taxes or cut funding from tower programs
  14. Example of funded mandate
    Americans with Disabilities Act federal government told state governments they had to make all public buildings accessible to handicaps
  15. Example of an unfunded mandate
    No Child Left Behind Act
  16. Dual federalism
    Believe that having separate but equally powerful levels of government is the best arrangement
  17. Cooperative federalism
    State and local gov interact collectively to solve common problems
  18. New federalism
    Federal state relationship proposed by Reagan; hallmark in returning administrative powers to state government giving State more power
  19. Creative federalism
    Emphasize that federal government determine the need of states
  20. Necessary and Proper Clause
    Final paragraph Article 1 Section 8 of the US Constitution gives Congress it's authority to pass all laws proper to carryout enumerated powers
  21. Full Faith and Credit Clause
    states must respect the laws of other states
  22. Tenth Amendment
    Any powers not given to the federal gov in the constitution will go to the state gov
  23. Privileges and immunities
    each citizen will have the same rights in every state. States can't treat citizens of other states in a discriminatory manner
  24. Preemption
    Concept from supremacy clause that says national gov can override state law
  25. Bill of Attainder
    Law declaring an act illegal without judicial trial
  26. Ex post facto law
    A person can't be punished for committing a crime before it was illegal
  27. Plessy vs furguson
    Separate but equal is okay
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