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    • Why do PAC's spend more money on incumbents?
    • They usually win
  1. What's the limit an individual can give to each canidate committee?
  2. What's the limit an individual can give to a national party committee per calender year?
  3. What's the limit an individual can give to all the canidates
  4. What's the limit an individual can give to all pacs and parties?
  5. How much can a pac give to each canidate?
  6. What are advantages of being an incumbent?
    PAC money, franking, name recognition, pork
  7. Gerrymandering
    Re-writting the county lines in a state according to where the polical parties live to give the in power party an advantage in votes
  8. What's a caucus?
    Formal gathering of all party members
  9. What's a primary?
    Election in which votes decide which of the canidates within a party will represent the party in the general election
  10. Importance of NH and Iowa
    Iowa holds the first primary and NH holds first caucus
  11. Conservative voting groups
    Old and wealthy
  12. Liberal voting group
    Younger, poor, minorities, workers
  13. McCain-feingold act
    Outlaws soft money. 60 days from election opponents names can't be used in ads
  14. Electoral college info and numbers
    Winner takes all, more populated states get more numbers, 538 total votes, needs 270 to win
  15. Recall election
    To get someone out of office
  16. When incumbents lose
    Bad economy/scandel
  17. Why don't people vote
    Forget to register, bad weather, vote doesn't matter, don't care
  18. PAC and what does it do*
    Officially registered fund raising committee that represents an interest group
  19. What's a SIG
    • Advocates a cause or candidate
    • Organized group that tries to influence public policy
  20. What's soft money? Hard money?
    Soft is money donated to a candidate for his election that isn't documented.
  21. What are some campaign challenges?
    Fund raising and dealing with the media
  22. What's a lobbyist
    Person who works for SIG to influence congressnpeople on how they should vote
  23. Issue advacacy ads
    Communication to bring a n issue to light. Ad on an issue ratheer than a candidate
  24. Nomination process (state/local)
    1)fill out paperwork, pay fee, and declare party 2) win primary election 3) win general election
  25. Nomination process (national)
    1)fill out paperwork, pay fees, declare party 2) compete in primaries/caucuses across the nation 3) gather delegates from states 4) go to nat convention and have most delegates 5) get official nomination from party 6) win general election
  26. What's a delegate?*
    • person sent or authorized to represent others
    • Inparticular a n elected representative sent to a conference
  27. Federal election campaign act
    Us federal law that increased disclosure of contributions for federal campaigns (limits contributions to campaign)
  28. Buckley vs valeo
    Use as much of your own money on your campaign. Form of free speech
  29. How does the UK increase voting turnout?
    Frequent poster campaigns to encourage young people to register to vote...gets more percents turnout than America but not substantially
  30. How does Australia increase voting turnout?
    Don't vote you can get summoned to court, fined, or even sent to jail...encourages people to take interest, 96% voter turnout; but also encourages uninformed voting
  31. How does Oregon increase voting turnout?
    Mail in ballots only....more convieneint for voters who don't like to go to the polls
  32. How does Minnesota increase voting turnout?
    Allows registration on voting day...has seen improvement because it's convinent
  33. How does some european countries and Canada increase voting turnout?
    Campaigns are shorter so it gives people less time to be swayed...seen improvement because people are less frustrated and makes it easier for them to decide rather than blow it off
  34. How does Puerto Rico increase voting turnout?
    In presidential elections days are holidays, off years elections are on Sundays...more voting turnout because it's easy for people to remember and they don't have anything going on those days, one of the highest voting turnouts in the world
  35. 527
    Super pac. Groups that can collect as much as they want. No contact with the candidate
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