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  1. Recess appointment
    apointment of a senior federal officer while senate is in recess
  2. Commutation
    Reduction of legal penalties especially imprisonment; does not fully nullify the conviciton and often conditional
  3. 22nd amendment
    Set term limits of the prez
  4. 25th amendment
    Set up order of people to take over presidency if something happens
  5. Patronage
    Jobs, grants, or other special offers that are given as rewards to friends and political allies for support
  6. Pocket veto
    • Waiting 10 days when congress isn't in seccsion
    • Automatically vetos the bill
  7. War powers act
    Says that congress must accept a war 60 days after troops are deplotyed or they must come back
  8. Ex od baeu 3
    EPA enviormental Protection agency- enforces enviornmental legislation passed by the us congress
  9. Example of beau 1
    FDA federal drug administration- ensures safty of all drugs and food in the US
  10. Example of beur agency 2
    CIA centrak intelligence agency- collect and investigate disseminant foreign intelligence
  11. The OMB
    Office of management and budget. In charge of overseeing federal regulation, the budget, ifo collection and dissertation, and propsed legislations
  12. Gov't corp*
    • Business established by congress that perform functions that could be provided by private business
    • the USPS
  13. Jobs given to vp
    Break tie vote and take over presidency
  14. Checks executive branch has on others
    Vetos on congress, appoints justices, pardoning, make treaties
  15. Checks other branches on executive
    Veto overide, approve appointments
  16. Next 3 officers in line for prez
    Vp, speaker of house, prez pro temp
  17. What is the cabnet
    Group of 15 advisories to assit the prez
  18. Examples of dept and functions
    Sec of state:foriegn policy, including treaty negotioation) sec of defense: responsible for nat defense
  19. Executive agreement
    Making decisions without congress consent
  20. Executive order
    Rule/regulation issued by prez that has effect of law
  21. Executive privalige
    Prez power that allows prez to refuse to disclose info regarding confidential conversations or not security to congress or the judiciary
  22. legislative checks on beau
    Abolish existing programs, pass legislation that alters the bureaucratic agenics, and write legislation to limot the bureaucarcies discretion
  23. Executive on beau
    Issue executive orders, reduce an agencies annual budget, and make changes in an agencies budget proposals
  24. Juducial on beau
    Rule on the contitution of all rules/regulations, force the beau to respect the rightd of individuals through hearing and other proceedings
  25. List/explain 3 problems with beau
    • Waste of. $,
    • spoils system,
    • coordination between agencies
  26. Spoils sysytem
    Who you know
  27. Merit system
    Test on what you know
  28. 3 point s of truangle
    Beau agencis, interest groups/ lobbyists, congress
  29. Hatch act
    Prohibited civil servents from taking activist roles in partisan campaigns
  30. Pendleton act
    Classified the fed service by grades, to which appls were based on results of a test
  31. What is the solicited general
    • Law officer who maintains rights of the state for public interest
    • Next in line for attorney general
  32. What is the attorney general?
    Head of county or state and head of legal dept
  33. 6 presidential powers
    • Appointment
    • Veto
    • pardoning
    • Convene congress
    • Commander in chief
    • make treaties
  34. What's the bureaucracy?
    Group of nonelected officials within a government that implements rules, laws, ideas, and functions of their insitution
  35. Other checks on the bureacracy
    • Help encore laws of the prez
    • Congress can increase/decrease funding
    • Congress can hold investigations. (Oversight)
    • Judicial review
    • Prez hires/fires head of agency but congress approves
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