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    • Political party
    • Organization of ppl whose purpose is to win elections and control both govt positions and policy
  1. Constituitonal basis
  2. Functions of parties
    • Org of ppl with similar political agendas
    • organize campaigns
    • Promote the ideologies of a candidate
    • Unify and win elections
    • linking of ppl to govt
    • coordination between diff levels and branches of govt
    • provision for govt accountability to the ppl
  3. Reasons for 2 party system
  4. Reasons for 2 party system (obstacles)
    • Control of ballot access by state laws
    • federal campaign finacncing laws
    • poor showing in elesctions
    • often single issue oriented
  5. Reasons for decrease in the power of political parties
    • Govt has taken over many of the functions that were performed by the party a)printing ballots b) social welfare monies c) conducting selections
    • direct primaries
    • civil service laws
    • rise of issue oriented politics
    • tv
    • rise in political consultants
  6. The party in govt
    • The congressional party
    • presidential party
    • parties and the juducuary
    • , parties and the state govt
  7. Basic structure of american political parties
    • National committees
    • leadership
    • national conventions
    • , states and localities,
    • informal groups
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