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    • Public opinion
    • How the public in general feels about an issue or candidate
  1. Public opinion polls
    Set of questions to find out how people feel about an issue or candidate
  2. What do public opinion polls do?
    Drive decision making in gov
  3. Exit poll
    Asking people how they voted right after they do it
  4. Tracking poll
    Daily or weekly poll on how things stand
  5. Random sampling
    Everyone has equal chance of being elected
  6. Problems with polling
    • What is being asked,
    • how is it worded,
    • who is asked,
    • is it random,
    • what's margin of error
  7. Domestic policy
    All laws gov has planning and gov actions that affect the lives of americans.
  8. Entitlement program (non-means tested)
    Income security program to which all those meeting eligibility requirements are entitled.
  9. Social security
    • Provides benefits to retired workers,
    • survivors of wars and
    • disability
  10. How is the amount gotten back determined (SS)
    On how much you put in
  11. Problems with SS
    • People live longer,
    • # of retirees is growing over # of workers
  12. Unemployment insurance
    Pay benefits to workers who are unemployed through no fault of their own
  13. How is unemployment run
    By individual states
  14. Medicare
    Gov run health insurance program for SS qualifiers
  15. What does Medicare cover
    • Hospital,
    • nursing,
    • and home health services
  16. How do you get it
    Must pay $700 for it to kick in
  17. Added benefits of medicare
    Extra 42.50 will cover doctors visits, x rays, and outpatient health care
  18. Medicare doesn't include...
    • Eyeglasses and
    • prescription plan
  19. Problems with medicare
    • Live longer,
    • health costs going up,
    • and billions spent on health care
  20. Means tested program
    • Income security program intended to help those whose info,e falls below a certain level...
    • not entitlement
  21. Examples of means tested
    • Supplementary security income
    • , food stamp program,
    • equal income tax credit
  22. Medicade
    Provides insurance to poor
  23. who qualifies. For medicade
    All in SSI or AFDC quality
  24. How is medicate funded
    By state and national gov
  25. What does medicate cover
    • Hospital,
    • doctor services
    • , prescription,
    • and nursing
  26. What is diplomacy?
    • Nation's external relationships and is an attempt to resolve conflicts without war
    • (Talk first)
  27. What are major areas of foreign policy?
    • International terrorism
    • Nucular proliferation (stop the spreading of nukes)
    • World's economy
  28. What are major themes that have guided foreign policy in the past?
    • Isolationism
    • Global involvement
    • Containment of communism
    • Curbing international terrorism
  29. When was isolationism?
    Up to 1900
  30. When was global involvement?
  31. When was containment of communism?
  32. When is curbing of terrorism?
  33. what is domestic policy?
    In the us
  34. What is foreign policy?
    Outside the us
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