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    • Rule by few is commonly referred to as what?
    • Aligrachy or aristocracy
  1. What's the significance of the social contract theory?
    Man has to give up some rights for a good gov
  2. How did Locke contribute to our system of gov
    • Believed in life, liberty, and property
    • Helped form the three branches
  3. How did Hobbs contribute to our system of gov?
    Thought of the idea that gov needed consent to govern
  4. What is stamp act congress?
    Colonists were getting fed up with taxes
  5. Continental congress 1
    Congress in 1774 of the 13 colonies that would be USA
  6. Continental congress 2
    Petitioned the declaration of independence of rights and grievances to King George
  7. Who drafted the constitution?
    Thomas jefferson
  8. Why did the articles of confederation fail?
    • No power to tax
    • No law enforcement
    • Can't regulate commerce
    • No executive branch
    • No court system
    • Amendments called for all state ratification
  9. What was the significance of shay's rebellion?
    • Helped our gov realize that we needed a strong national gov
    • A constitution was needed
  10. What was the purpose of the constitution?
    Establish a reliable source of gov
  11. What's the viginia plan
    States are reped by population
  12. What's the New Jersey Plan?
    States are rep by an equal amount of representatives
  13. What was the Great compromise?
    Formed senate and HOR
  14. What was the 3/5 compromise?
    Slaves counted as 3/5th of a person
  15. What was the commerce compromise?
    • Imports will be taxed
    • Exports won't be taxed
  16. What was the slave trade compromise?
    Slave states are allowed a large limit of amount of slaves
  17. How may juducual interpretation change the const?
    If the justices find something unconstitutional that can amend it
  18. What was Federalist papers #10?
    Explained factions
  19. What was Federalist papers # 39
    explained how there would be a strong national gov while still giving power to states
  20. What was Federalist papers # 45
    Explained how the president would not be a king
  21. What was Federalist papers # 51
    Explains separation of powers
  22. What's a unitary gov?
    Gov where local and regional govs determine all authority from a national gov
  23. How did supremacy clause fiction some of the problems under the articles?
    • National gov became stronger
    • National give can overrule the state gov laws
  24. How did the New Deal change the nature of federalism?
    • Initiated dual federalism
    • Which made state and national gov separate but equal levels of gov
  25. How did the federal gov use grants to help end social problems in america?
    • Nat gov would tell the states what to do and provides money
    • In the civil rights movement the national gov gave money to the southern states if they stopped segregation
    • This created creative federalism where the national gov determined what the states needed
  26. What problem developed with the use of grants?
    The southern states could use that money for whatever they wanted
  27. What is the era?
    • Equal rights amendment.
    • Advocates for the end of gender bias
  28. What were some specific outcome of the ERA of 1964
    • National gov could end segregation
    • A public place was anywhere that received federal funding
    • Created equal employment commission
    • no funding would go to segregated schools
  29. What is title 7?
    Ended discrimination by covered employers
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