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    • What is a party machine?
    • Type of party organization that relies on material enforcements like patronage to win votes
    • Tightly disciplined
  1. What is amicus curie?
    Nonlitigent group to influence the court on a case
  2. What is pluralism?
    Theory that all interests are and should be free to compete for influence on government
  3. What was the incorporation doctrine?
    National gov has applied portions of the BOR to states
  4. What is the exclusionary rule?
    Prohibits illegally obtained evidence to be used in trial
  5. What is the wall of separation?
    Separation between church and state
  6. How has the sc incorporated the BOR?
    The 14th amendment
  7. What is front loading?
    Scheduling primaries or caucuses early on in order to weed out weak candidates
  8. What is fiscal policy?
    • Means by which government adjusts its levels of spending to monitor national economy
    • Power to tax and spend
  9. What is a referendum?
    • Vote where state citizens get to vote on state laws
    • put on by law members
  10. What is a realigning election?
    Election where there is a shift in basis of electoral support from one political party to another
  11. What is discretion?
    Quality of behaving or speaking in a way as to avoid offense or revealing private info
  12. What are civil servants?
    Gov employees that are not elected or appointed
  13. What is civil service?
    System of hiring and promotion based on merit principal and desire to create a nonpartisan gov service
  14. What is deregulation?
    Restrictions of business, industry, and professional activities for which gov rules had been established
  15. The constitution does not prohibit...?
    Sex discrimination in employment
  16. What are the reasons for the power of the federal gov has frown relative to the state gov?
    • Devolution of power
    • Conditional funding the federal government can provide to state gov
    • Supremacy clause
  17. People who opposed the constitution believed that is would...?
    • Provide for elite control
    • Endanger liberty
    • Weaken the states
  18. What is an initiative?
    • Yes or no ballots
    • Put on by citizens
  19. A writ of certiorari from the sc indicates that the court...?
    Will review a lower court decision
  20. What is the council of economic advisors?
    3 member body appointed by the president to advise the president on economic policy
  21. What is the Elite theory?
    Gov and politics contending the societies are divided among class lines and that an upper class elite will rule
  22. What is the hyperpluralist theory?
    Gov and politics contending that groups are so strong the gov is weakened
  23. What is electioneering?
    Direct group involvement in the electoral process
  24. What is a national party convention?
    To nominate the presidential candidates and to write parties platform
  25. What is a super delegate?
    Delegate who automatically get a delegate slot at the democratic national convention
  26. What is selective perception?
    Phenomenon that people often pay the most attention to things they already agree with and interpret them according to their own predispositions
  27. What is the purpose of the white house staff?
    Advise the president
  28. What is a regressive tax?
    Poor citizens pay a higher percent of their incomes compared to wealthier citizens
  29. What is pork barrel politics?
    Members of congress negotiate bills so that individual districts get money for projects that do not benefit the nation as a whole
  30. Closed primary
    • Only vote for one party
    • Only party members
  31. Caucus
    Meeting of all party members by party to vote for pro candidate
  32. Primary
    Secret ballot alone to pick prez candidate
  33. Unit rule
    • winner take all theory
    • Mostly used in electoral college
  34. Litigation
    • Anytime someone or something goes to court
    • Usually civil law
  35. Party polization
    • Vote for your party
    • Do not compromise with other party
  36. Writ of mandamus
    Legal motion filed asking the supreme court to do something
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