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    • What is meant by due process of rights?
    • Gurantess protection of individuals accused of crimes at all shapes of the criminal justice process
  1. What are the guidelines established to determine if a warrant less search can occur?
    • Reasonable suspicision
    • With court consent
    • Anyone under probation is liable to random search and seizures
  2. What is one ruling that impacted random search and seizures?
    In 1924, thee ruled that open fields can be randomly searched even with no trespasser signs
  3. What are 2 court cases that relates to drug testing?
    • In 1997, random drug tests for congressmen was initiated
    • In 1989, SC ruled that mandatory drug and alcohol tests are to be initiated for those in accidents
  4. What does the 5th amendment guarantee?
    • Right to grand jury
    • Free from double jeprody
    • Protection against self-incrimination
    • Eminent domain
  5. What did the Miranda case establish?
    Must be informed of the right to remain silent and have counsel
  6. What court cases established the exclusionary rule?
    • Weeks v US
    • Maps v Ohio
  7. What is meant by good faith exceptions?
    Allow the use of tainted evidence in a variety of situations, especially when the police have a warrant and conduct the investigation thinking it's valid
  8. What are 6 protections under the 6th amendment?
    • Speedy, public trial
    • Impartial jury
    • Trials in state where committed
    • Notice of crime
    • Right to confront and obtain witness
    • Right to counsel
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