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    • Equal time rule
    • Requires broadcast stations To sell air time equally to all candidates in a political campaign if they sell at all
  1. Fairness doctrine
    Requires broadcast stations to cover events adequately and to present contrasting views on important public issues
  2. Muckraking
    Form of journalism conceded with reforming govt and business conduct
  3. Disturbance theory
    Theory that inteserest groups form in part to contradict the efforts of other groups
  4. 3 purposes for political parties
    • Mobilizing support and gathering power,
    • force of stability and moderation,
    • unity linkage and accountabiliy
  5. What were the first parties
    Federalists and anti federalists
  6. 2 reasons for 2 party system
    • Tradition,
    • obstacles for 3 party sysyem
  7. Why do third parties exist
    • Promotion of certain ideology,
    • frustration with major partie
  8. Geographic regions for each party
    • West- democrats,
    • south-Republican
  9. People with democrats
    • Widowed,
    • young, women
    • , catholics and jews
    • , liberals
  10. People with republicans
    • Old,
    • married,
    • protestants,
    • conservatives,
    • men
  11. National convention
    Party meeting held in presidential election year to nominate the president and vp
  12. Ticket splitting
    Not voting only one party
  13. Patronage
    Gifts or special favorsgiven as rewards to friends and political allies for support
  14. Coattail effect
    Tendency of lesser known candidates on ballot to profit in an election by presence on the parties ticket of a popular candidate
  15. Interest group
    Organization of people that tries to influence public policy
  16. Pac
    • Political action committee.
    • Organization that campaigns for or against political candidates or legislation
  17. 527 group
    Type of us tax exempt organization created to influence the selection, nomination, and election of candidates in office
  18. Lobbiyst
    Interest group rep who seeks to influence legislation that will benefit their organization through political persuasion
  19. Lobbying
    • Activities of a group or organization that seeks to influence legislation and
    • persuade political leaders to support their group position
  20. Collective good
    • Something of value that can't be withheld from a nonmember of a group,
    • like a tax write off or a better environment
  21. Free rider problem
    Potential members fail to join a group because they can get benefits without contributing to the effort
  22. Arguments on favor of regulation of special interest groups
    • Not given a role in the constitution to make influence or policy,
    • allows govt to level the playing field
  23. Arguments against regulating interest groups
    • May strife political speech
    • , interest groups are not necessary
  24. Lobbying in congress
    • In 2004 nearly $4 million was spent on lobbying for every member of congress,
    • medical interests not only were among the top spenders for lobbying activities but also were the source of significant campaign contribtuons to D's and R's
  25. Lobbying in the executive branch
    • In 1992, reps from the auto industry accompanied president Bush to lobby the japanese for more favorable trade regulations,
    • national womens law centre was important in seeing title 9 be enforces fully
  26. Lobbying in the judicial branch
    • In 1991,122 groups testified or filed prepared statements for/against the nomination of clarence Thomas for the supreme court
    • upon hearing the news of William rehnquists illness in 2004 many interest groups got ready to lobby
  27. advertising bias
    When stories are selected or slanted to please advertisers
  28. Corporate bias
    When stories are elected or slanted to please corporate owners of media
  29. Mainstream bias
    Tendency to report what everyone else is reporting, and to avoid stories that will offend
  30. Examples of corporate bias
    In 2003, a study released by Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting stated the network news disproportionately focused on pro-war sources and left out anti-wat sources
  31. Examples of mainstream bias
    In the 1960's the liberal media stations refused to report anything about the Soviet Union to prevent offending followers
  32. List of third parties
    • Green party,
    • libertarian party,
    • and the reform party
  33. Nomination process
    • Parties in states select delegates in primary elections.
    • These delegates from the respective states attend the national party to nominate a presidential candidate for their party
  34. What's the grassroots movement
    • Movement that starts with a small number of people but quickly catches on.
    • Not endorsed by a party or corporation, but starts on its own by the people in a local level
  35. What is a super pac
    Package that is allowed to raise and spend unlimited amounts of money on corporations, unions, individuals, and associations
  36. How does media set agendas
    • They choose what and when to report stories.
    • puts out ideas, opinions and facts for a large group of people to hear about to form their own opinions on
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