Organized Crime T1

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  1. Code Of Omerta
    Oath of loyalty
  2. Walk Talks
    A safe way to talk about business
  3. Attributes to organized crime
    • 1. None idiological ( no political goals )
    • 2. Hierarchical ( Vertical Power structure )
    • 3. Limited or exclusive membership
    • 4. Unique subculture ( their world )
    • 5. Violence and bribery
    • 6. Division of labor
    • 7. Monopolisitc ( domonent over areas )
    • 8. Rules and regulations
    • 9. Perpetuitous ( Continues to go on )
  4. Rules of organized crime
    • 1. Respect the chain of command
    • 2. Dont ask for the last name's of people.
    • 3. "Code of Omerta" the oath of loyalty, dont talk to the police.
    • 4. Dont talk about business at the diner table.
    • 5. The Crime Family is your first priority and your real family is your second.
    • 6. All money earned must go through the family.
    • 7. Can't show disrespect twards other made members.
  5. SuttoCapo
    The underboss or second in charge
  6. Caporegime
    third in charge
  7. La CasaNostra
    Our thing, or this thing of ours.
  8. CapoDiTutti
    Boss of all bosses
  9. Where did the mafia originate
  10. Where did the camorra originate
  11. A friend of our means
    A maid meber
  12. Benito Mussolini
    Well known politician who pushed the Mafia out of Sicily. 
  13. W.O.P
    With Out Papers
  14. Consiglier
    The friend of the family who is between the boss and under-boss. He is there to advise council and decision making 
  15. How many crime families are there?
  16. Who is Camorra 
    A very structured individual who encouraged gang activity for money making and gambling. 
  17. Mafia
    Place of refuge
  18. Vendetta
  19. Borgata
  20. Rispetto
  21. National Commission
    Overlooks every crime boss, sets policies, settles disputes,  
  22. How many commissioners were out of all the bosses
  23. Where did the commissioners for the National Commission live
    5 in NY, 1 from Chicago, 1 from Philadelphia, 1 from buffalo, 1 from Detroit.
  24. What cities are considered open cities because they make to much money?
    Las Vegas, Atlatic City, Miami, 
  25. What is a Vig
    The interest that is paid on a loan that is taken from organized crime.
  26. Factors to become a member of organized crime
    • 1. 100% Italian
    • 2. Sponsored by 2 made members.
    • 3. Vouched for by a capo
    • 4. Verified Pass (they need to know who you are)
    • 5. Done some work (partakes in a Homicide)
    • 6. Initiation Ceremony
  27. What unions are controlled by Organize Crime
    • 1. Teamsters
    • 2. Garment Industry
    • 3. Hotel/Bartenders
    • 4. International Longshoreman Association I.L.A ships.
  28. What is Vig
    The interst that is paid on a loan that is taken on Organized Crime.
  29. Society Of Saint Tammony ( Tammany Hall )
    2 different groups that watch eachothers back. One group was politicians and the other was gangsters. The 5 pointers was wone of the gangs.
  30. Who were the 5 pointers
    They were one of the gangs that belonged to Saint Tammany.
  31. Who was Arnold Rothstein
    He was a gangmember who was big on gambaling and lending out loans. He also managed the floating dice games and moved them frequently so that they wouldnt be robbed. He also created the numbers game.
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