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  1. Sulfonylurea actions
    Stimulates beta cells to produce more insulin
  2. Sulfonylurea s/e
  3. Sulfonylurea contraindications
    sulf allergy
  4. How to take Sulfonylurea
    with or without food
  5. Biguanide actions
    Increase sensitivity of liver and muscle to insulin; Decrease hepatic glucose production; improve transport into cells
  6. Biguanide s/e
    lactic acidosis; not weight gain
  7. Biguanide contraindications
    Use of contrast media; must have normal renal function
  8. a-glucosidase inhibitor actions
    Delay digestion of carbohydrates, causing glucose to enter blood more slowly
  9. a-glucosidase inhibitors are also called
    "Starch blockers"
  10. a-glucosidase inhibitor s/e
    Excess gas; does NOT cause hypoglycemia
  11. What 3 defences of Type 2 DM do oral drug therapy agents work on?
    Insulin resistance, decreased insulin production, increased hepatic glucose production
  12. Meglitinide action
    increase insulin production
  13. When to take Meglitinide
    Up to 30 minutes before meal; do not take if meal is skipped
  14. Meglitinide s/e
  15. Thiazolidinedione action
    Improve insulin sensitivity, transport, and utilization at target tissues
  16. Thiazolidinedione contraind
    Linked to MIs
  17. Dipeptidyl peptidase-4 (DDP-4) inhibitor action
    Slows the inactivation of incretin hormones
  18. DDP-4 s/e
    hypoglycemia; not weight gain
  19. Amylin analog action
    Slows gastric emptying, reduces postprandial glucagon secretion, increases satiety
  20. What is amylin?
    hormone secreted by b-cells (co-secreted w/insulin)
  21. How is amylin analog administered?
    SQ, but not in arm
  22. Incretin mimetic action
    Stimulates release of insulin from b-cells; Suppresses glucagon secretion; Reduces food intake; Slows gastric emptying
  23. What is Incretin mimetic
    synthetic peptide
  24. How is Incretin mimetic administered?
  25. Incretin mimetic s/e
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