Chapter 14

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  1. amphetamines
    collective term for a class of stimulant drugs that includes the originally synthesized drug amphetamine sulfate and all of its drug derivatives
  2. analeptics
    CNS stimulants that have generalized effects on the brainstem and spinal cord, which in turn produce an increase in responsiveness to external stimuli and stimulate respiration
  3. anorexiants
    drugs used to control or suppress appetite
  4. cataplexy
    condition characterized by abrupt attacks of muscuclar weakness and hypotonia triggered by an emotional stimulus
  5. CNS stimulant
    drugs that stimulate specific areas of the brain or spinal cord
  6. Ergot alkaloids
    drugs that have been found to narrow or constrict blood vessels in the brain and provide relief of pain for certain migraine headaches
  7. migraine
    common type of recurring painful headache characterized by a pulsatile or throbbing quality, incapacitating pain, and photophobia
  8. narcolepsy
    syndrome characterized by sudden sleep attacks, cataplexy, sleep paralysis, and visual or auditory hallucinations at the onset of sleep
  9. serotonin receptor agonists
    new class of CNS stimulants used to treat migraine headaches
  10. sympathomimetic drugs
    CNS stimulants such as noradrenergic drugs whose actions resemble or mimic those of the sympathetic nervous system
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