The Spinal Cord

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  1. Spinal Cord functions (3):
    • Sensory processing
    • Motor Outflow
    • Reflexes
  2. Cauda Equina:
    The spinal cord ends between the first and second lumbar vertebrae, the cauda equina is the SC component that continues down the SC
  3. Types and locations of Spinal Cord Injury: 
    • Cervical: quadriplegia: neck or shoulders down
    • Thoracic: paraplegia: waste down
    • Lumbar: Paraplegia: legs down
  4. Parts of SC:
    • Cervical
    • Thoracic 
    • Lumbar
    • Sacrum
    • Coccyx
  5. Gray Matter of the SC visual:
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  6. What are the two tracts of the dorsal column? 
    What pathways do they take to the brain?
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    Fasciculus cuneatus and fasciculus gracillis
  7. What does the dorsal column of the SC function in?

    What info does the fasciculus gracillis carry?
    Carries information from body to brain about touch, pressure, and proprioception

    info from the lower body
  8. What are the Lateral Sensory Tracts?
    • Dorsal spinocerebellar tract
    • bentral spinocerebellar tract
    • anterolateral system (spinothalamic tract)
  9. Which tracts carry information from themotor cortex to muscles?
    • Ventral Corticospinal tract
    • Lateral corticospinal tract (pyramidal)
    • Anterior corticospinal tract
  10. What is the pathway of the Anterior/Lateral corticospinal tract?
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  11. General functions of the brain stem (3):
    • Conduit functions: includes ascending and descending tracts
    • Cranial nerve functions: Olfaction, sight, hearing, equilibrium, taste 
    • Integrative functions (through the reticular formation): organizes integrative functions (movements, respiratory, cardiovascular, consciousness)
  12. The Medulla is responsible for (6):
    It contains the ________ where motor (but not sensory) will decussate
    and _____% of axons decussate here
    • Respiration
    • Phonation
    • Blood Pressure
    • heart rhythm
    • vomitting
    • swallowing
    • ----
    • Pyramids
    • 90
  13. The functions of the pons (the bridge) (4):
    • Facial movements/sensation
    • respiratory rhythm
    • contains several different tracts
    • connects to the cerebellum
  14. The functions of the Midbrain (3):
    • Auditory visual reflexes (sound localization)
    • Substantia Nigra
    • Connects brain to brainstem
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