Vocab Ch 3

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  1. type of OS processes 32 bits @ time
    32-bit OS
  2. type of OS processes 64 bits @ time
    64-bit OS
  3. Tool in Win7 listing errors & issues needing attn
    Action center
  4. Grants rights & privileges to all hard/software resources.
    such as:
    right to +, delete, & Δ accts & Δ hardware configurat'ns
    administrator acct
  5. win7 feature- peek @ desktop when mouse over rectangle to far-right side of taskbar
    Aero Peek
  6. win7 feature minimizes all windows except the 1 you shake, to restore shake again
    Aero Shake
  7. win7 feature max. windows when drag it to top of desktop/ snaps to side of screen when drag to side
    Aero Snap
  8. Win7/Vista 3-D user interface,
    gives glassy appearance
    AKA Aero glass
    Aero user interface
  9. directory/folder contained in another
    AKA subdirectory
    child directories
  10. folder w/ .zip ext contain compressed files
    compressed when put in
    decompressed when taken out
    Compressed (zipped) folders
  11. window containing several applets
    used to manage:
    hardware, software,
    users, & system
    Cntrl Panel
  12. initial screen displayed when OS has
    GUI interface loaded
  13. sm programs stored on hard drive & installed
    in Win, tells Win how to communic8 w/specific
    hardware device: printer, network, port on the motherboard, scanner
    device driver
  14. properties assigned to a file
    i.e. read only, hidden, archive
    file attributes
  15. portion name of file, how its organized/formatted,type of content, ? program uses the file.
    command lines: follows filename Msd.exe
    file ext
  16. 1st part name assigned to a file, ext not included,
    in DOS no more than 8 char & followed by file ext
    in Win can be up to  255 char
  17. properties assigned to folder
    Ex:read-only & hidden status
    folder attributes
  18. directory/folder contained in anotherdirectory/folderAKA subdirectory
  19. mini-app
    appears onWin7 desktop
    or Vista sidebar
  20. interface using graphics
    compared to command-driven
    graphical user interface GUI
  21. appears when right-clicking an icon on Win7 taskbar, provides access to some major f() of program
    Jump list
  22. Win 1 or more folders can be stored on
     diff local drives or on network
  23. Win Explorer/ Computer window, pane on left side of window listing:
    devices, drivers, folders
    Dbl-click to drill ⇓ into item
    navigat'n pane
  24. primary Win7/ Vista utility used to manage network connect'ns
    Network & Sharing center
  25. area, right of task bar, holds icons for running services, including:
    volume cntrl & network connectivity
    AKA systray/ system tray
    notific'tn area
  26. software controls computer
    cntrl how system resources used & provides user interface, ways of managing soft/hardware, & ways to work w/files
  27. minor update to software
    + features, addresses security issues, corrects errors
    AKA update
  28. drive & list of directories pointing to a file

  29. main directory, @top of heirarchical structure of sub-directs. created whenhard disk/drive 1st formatted
    Linux uses /
    DOS & Win use \
    root directory
  30. program that runs in background to support or serve Win or an app
  31. # of dots/pixels on the monitor expressed as 2 #s 
    such as 1680 x 1050
    screen resolution
  32. collect'n several patches/updates
    installed as single update to an OS or app
    service pack
  33. located right side of Vista dekstop, displays Vista gadgets
  34. Win7/Vista user acct type can use soft/hardware & make some system Δ, but none affecting security of system/ other users
    standard acct
  35. directory/folder contained in anotherdirectory/folder
    AKA child directory
  36. Win tool provides info about system:
    installed hard/software, current system config, current running programs
    program file Msinfo32.exe
    system info
  37. area, right of task bar, holds icons for running services, including:volume cntrl & network connectivity
    AKA  notificat'n area / system tray
    system tray
  38. displays brief & important info about installed hard/software
    gives access to important Win tools needed to support system
    system window
  39. area, right of task bar, holds icons for running services, including:volume cntrl & network connectivity
    AKA notificat'n area / system tray
  40. normally located @ bottom of Win desktop
    displays info about open programs
    & provides quick access to others
  41. Win7/Vista security feature
    displays dialogue box when an event requiring adminstratv. privileges is about to happen
    Use Acct Control UAC dialogue box
  42. primary partition, assigned drive letter & can be w/a file system such as
  43. Win7/Vista gives summary index designed to 
    measure overall performance of systemon scale 1.0 to 7.9
    Windows Experience Index
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