Cognition ch 5

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  1. by studying the abnormal its possible to
    gain insights into normal function
  2. classical neuropsychology favors _____ _____ and cognitive neuropsychology favors ______ ____ _____
    group studies; single case studies
  3. in neuropsychology the performance of different patients is combined to yield a group average
    group studies
  4. in cognitive neuropsychology, the data from different patients are not combined
    single case studies
  5. non-invasive stimulation of the brain caused by a rapidly changing electrical current in a coil held over the scalp
    transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS)
  6. disruption in the blood supply to the brain
  7. over elastic region of artery that is prone to rupture
  8. the basic logic behind the cognitive neuropsychological approach
    a difficulty in one domain relative to an absence of difficulty in another domain can be used to infer the independence of these domains.
  9. if the patient performs entirely normally on task b compared to a control group. also could be impaired on both tasks but significantly more on one
    single dissociation
  10. if two tasks share the same neural/cognitive resource but one task uses it more, then damage to this resource will affect one task more than the other
    task-resource artefact
  11. one task is performed worse than another because the task is performed sub-optimally (but not because some aspect of the task is compromised)
    task demand artefact
  12. an example of task demand artefact
    a patient may have misunderstood the instructions or have adopted an unusual strategy for performing the task.
  13. in general almost all neuropsychologic studies are aimed at
    proving that two or more tasks have different cognitive/neural resources
  14. two single dissociation that have a complementary profile of abilities
    double dissociation
  15. difficulties in spelling and writing
  16. a cluster of different symptoms that are believed to be related in some meaningful way
  17. carmazza's assumtions that underpinned almost all neuropsychological studies
    • 1. the fractionation assumption
    • 2.transparency assumtion
    • 3. the universality assumption
  18. the assumption is stated with reference to a lesion within a particular cognitive model and not to a lesion to a particular region of the brain
    fractionation assumption
  19. using observations of brain damaged individuals to inform theories of cognition
    cognitive neuropsychology
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