holistics exam 1

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  1. What are the dimensions of health identified by the World Health Organization?
    • phyisical
    • mental
    • social well being
  2. What is wellness?  What are the dimensions of wellness?  How is wellness conceptualized as a continuum?
    • wellness is the process of adopting behavior patterns that lead to improved health and life satisfaction
    • Dimensions of wellness are physical, mental, emotional intellectual, spiritual, social, environmental, occupational
    • Continum-one end =extreme illness(death) and the other =wellness and optimal health
  3. What is the difference between the listed cause of death and the “actual cause” of death?
    • listed-
    • actual
  4. What is meant by the social determinants of health
    societal conditions that effect health and can be affected by public health policies (income, housing, transportation)
  5. Explain the ecological model of health and wellness
    a framework that recognizes the relationship btwn indiv. and their enviornment
  6. Give some examples of actions that fall into the category of community health.
    parks, bike lanes, health department designing messages in different languages
  7. How is public health defined?  What are some examples of public health issues?
    • public health: the study of health promotion and disease prevention at the population levels
    • ie (campaigns to promote excercise, flu shot campaign)
  8. What is the difference between disease prevention and health promotion?
    • disease prevention:actions to ward off or protect against diseases
    • Health promo: actions to maintain a current healthy state or attain more healthy state
  9. What are the two broad goals of Healthy People 2010?
    • eliminate preventable disease
    • acheieve health equity
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