Ch 7 Vocab

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  1. server directory database & service, used  managing domain to allow single point adminstrt'n for all shared resources on network
    includes: files, peripheral devices,databases, web sites, users, & services
    Active directory
  2. user acct grants adminstrators rights & priliveges to all hard/software resources
    such as: right to +, delete,& Δ acct & to Δ hardware config
    Administrator acct
  3. text file contains info that Win requires in order to do an unattended install'n
    Answer file
  4. txt file containing series of OS commands
    Autoexec.bat is a batch file
    batch file
  5. start up menu gives user option of ? OS system to use 
    like WinXP & Win7, which are installed on same system, creating dual boot
    boot loader menu
  6. sticker containing Windows product key
    Certificate of Authenticity
  7. overwrites existing OS & apps when installing Win in hard drive
    clean install
  8. 2 computers communcating using local nertwork or internet. 1 takes role of making requests from other 1
    computer making request~client
    anwering request~server
  9. group of settings can be applied to older drivers/apps thatt might cause them to work in Win using newer version of Win than 1 programs were designed to use
    compatibility mode
  10. operat'n used to overwrite existing OS & apps, makes clean install of OS
    main advantage-problems w/old OS not carried forward
    custom install'n
  11. primary tool for managing hardware
    Device mngr
  12. making exact image of hard drive, includes: partition info, boot sectors, OS instal'n, & app software to replic8 hard drive on another system or recoverfrom hard drive crash
    disk cloning
  13. file server holds Win setup files used to install Win on computers networked to server
    distribut'n server
  14. collective files in install'n includes:
    Windows, device drivers, & apps
    packge of files served up by distribut'n server
    distribut'n share
  15. logical group of networked computers share a centralzd directory database of user acct info & security for entire domain (campus computers)
  16. AKA disk cloning
    drive imaging
  17. ability to boot using eithr of 2 OSs, such as Win XP & Win7 
    AKA multiboot
    dual boot
  18. overall structure OS uses to
    name, store, & organize files on a disk
    EX: NTFS & FAT32
    Win is always installed on volume that uses NTFS file system
    file system
  19. WinXP tool used to copy user data & setting from one computer to another
    files & settings transfer wizard
  20. sometimes called domain user acct/ network acct
    acct used @ domain level, created by administrator & stored in the SAM (security accts mangr) databasebon Win domain controllr
    global acct
  21. strat-g  to install Win using standard image for install'n
    tech must perform install on local computer
    high-touch using standard image
  22. strat-g  to install Win where all work done by tech setting @ computer using Win setup files, also installs drivers & apps after install complete
    high-touch w/retail media
  23. type of peer-to-peer netwrk
    ea computer shares: files, folders, libraries, & printers w/other homegrp computers
    access secured using password
  24. installing a standard image on a computer
    image deployment
  25. program included on AIK used to create & modify standard images
  26. install launched from Win desktop which carries forward user setting & installed apps from old (Windows)OS to new one
    in-place upgrade
  27. file format has .iso file ext & holds image of all the data, including file sytstem stored on an optical disc.
    Intern'tl Org for Standardization
    ISO image
  28. strat-g uses deploymnt server on network to serve up a Win install'n after a tech starts up process @ local computer
    lite-touch, high volume deployment
  29. command used by User State Migrat'n Tool to copy user setting & data temp stored on a server or removable media to a new computer
  30. Win user acct that applies only to local computer & can't be used to access resources from other computers on the network
    local acct
  31. logical way computers connect on a network
    logical topology
  32. software used by system admin. from a network locat'n to query 100's of compuers in a single scan to determine if computer qualifies for an Win upgrade
    Microsoft Assessment & Planning MAP toolkit multiboot
  33. software license that only manu. or builders of pc's  can purchase to be installed only on computer intended for sale
    OEM (Orig. Equipmnt Manu) license
  34. division of hard drive that can hold a volume
    using the MBR sytem, Win can support up to  4 partitions on 1 hard drive
  35. applied to networking of computers, a network of computers that are all equals/peers
    ea has same level of authority & can act as server to other computers
    peer-to-peer P2P
  36. physical arrangmnt of connect'ns btwn computers
    physical topology
  37. programming contained in BIOS code on motherboard, used to start up computer &search for a server on the network to provide a bootable OS
    Preboot eXecution PCE
  38. procss Microsft uses to prevent software  piracy
    when Win installed on a particular computer it can't be installed legally on another
    product activ'n
  39. window w/in cntrl panel lists programs installed on a computer where you can uninstall, Δ, /repair programs
    programs & features
  40. win install'n that requires local user to start the process
    pull automat'n
  41. install't when a server automatically pushes install'n to a computer when a user is not likely to be sitting @ computer
    push automat'n
  42. automatic install where no user intervention i required
    remote network install'n
  43. command used by USMT to copy user settings & data from an old computer to a server or removable media
  44. use to Δ motherboard settings 
    can dis/enable device on motherboard, Δ date & time thats already passed to the OS, select order of boot devices startup BIOS to search when looking for an OS to load
    setup BIOS
  45. loc8 on motherboard & used to cntrl essential devices before OS is loaded
    system BIOS (basic input/output system)
  46. Win install done by storing answers to install'n quest'n in a txt file /script that Win calls____ ?
    so answers don't have to be typed during installat'n
    unattended install'n
  47. a qualifying OS required by Microsft in order to perform an in-place upgrade
    upgrade paths
  48. utility helps migr8 user files & preferences from 1 computr to another to help a user make a smooth transition from 1 computer to another
    User State Mangmnt Tool  USMT
  49. 1 or+ logical machines created w/in one physical machine
    virtual machine VM
  50. Win7  contains group of tools used to deploy Win7 in a large organiz'n & contains USMT
    AIK Win Automated Install'n Kit
  51. Win tool used to transfr Win7/Vista/XP user data & preferences to the Win7/Vista/XP install'tn on another computer
    Win Easy transfer
  52. min OS used to start the Win install'n
    Win Preinstall'n Envirnmnt Windows PE
  53. Win Vista Business
    includes support for a domain, group policy, & Encyrpted File System, & doesn't include consumer features (BitLocker Encryption)
  54. Win Vista Enterprise
    expands on Win Vista Business by adding security features such as BitLocker Encryption
  55. low-cost home system, don't require full security & networking features (doesn't include Aero glass interface)
    Win Vista Home Basic
  56. includes more feat. than Vista Home Basic
    Aer user interface,DVD maker, Media center, Sideshow & backups
    Win Vista Home Premium
  57. Vist a w/most features & intended to be used in developing nations
    Win Vista Starter
  58. Vista ed. includes every Windows Vista feat. (Multi) volume licensing not avail
    Win Vista Ultimate
  59. Win XP Home Ed.
    doesn't include Remote Desktop, multi-lingual capabilities, roaming profiles & support for high end processors
  60. Win XP Media Center Ed.
    XP ed. enhanced version of XP Professional that includes support for digital entertainmnt. hardware
  61. WinXP environmnt installed in Win7 that can be used to support older apps
    Win XP Mode
  62. 64-bit OS & can support up to 128 GB of up to memory (All other ed are 32-bit & can support up to 4 GB of memory)
    Win XP Professional x64 Ed
  63. XP ed designed for notebooks & tablet PCs
    Win XP Tablet PC Ed.
  64. logical group of computers & users 
    where adminstr'n, resources, & security are distributed throughout the network, W/o centralized mangmnt/security
  65. Install'n strat-g doesn't require user to startup procss. server pushes install to computer (when user not likely sitting @ it)
    zero-touch, high volume deploymnt
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