Energy System

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  1. 3 sources of Energy
    • Carbohydrates: glucose
    • Protein: Amino Acids
    • Fats: Triglycerides
  2. ATP-CP/PCr (Phosphogen System) Anaerobic
    • No O2
    • 0-10 secs
    • High-Intensity Activity
    • 2 ATP
  3. 3 Main Energy Systems
    • Phosphogen System: No O2, ATP-CP
    • Lactic Acid System: No O2, Glucose
    • Aerobic System: O2, Carbs, Fats, Proteins
  4. ATP-CP/PCr Reaction
    Hydrolysis of ATP using enzyme ATPase = ADP +Pi (inorganic phosphate) + Energy

    ADP + CP cataylzed by Creatine Kinase = ATP + C

    2 ATP Produced
  5. Anaerobic Glycolysis/Lactic Acid System
    • Breakdown of carbohydrate glycogen or glucose to┬ápyruvate to create ATP
    • No O2
    • 30sec -2 Min
    • Sustained High Intensity activity
    • Net 2 ATP
  6. Pyruvate
    • Byproduct of glycolysis.
    • Lactatic Acid in anaerobic activity
    • Acetyl Coenzyme A (acetyl-CoA): Oxidated to form ATP.
  7. Aerobic Oxidation
    • Activities lasting more than a couple minutes.
    • Uses O2 and fuel to create energy.
    • Carbs, Fat or Protein
    • 36 ATP Produced
  8. Oxygen Debt
    Lag in the oxygen consumption to meet required energy demand at the beginning of exercise or increased exertion.
  9. EPOC
    • Excess Postexercise Oxygen Consumption.
    • More than normal amounts of oxygen are consumed after exercise to restore PC in muscles and oxygen in blood and tissues.
    • More intense/duration extends EPOC
  10. Steady State
    When oxygen consumption meets required energy demands to produce ATP at a sustained rate.
  11. Oxidative Phosphorylation
    Last step in Krebs Cycle and Electron Transport Chain to produce Water and ATP.
  12. Mitochondrial Respiration
    Use of gluscose, fats and glycogen to resynthesize ATP from acetyl-CoA.
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