Ch 10 Vocab

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  1. primary partit'n on hard drive that boots OS
    Windows calls this system partit'n
    active partitions
  2. Win XP procss allows you to restore entire hard drive volume/logical drive to its state @ time of backup volume was made
    ASR Automated System Recovery
  3. term Win uses- applies to hard drive when  drive is a stand-alone drive in the system
    basic disk
  4. hard drive partition where Win OS is stored 
    system partition & this partition may be on different drives
    boot partition
  5. 1/more sectors that constitute the smallest unit of space on disk for storing data 
    (AKA file allocation unit) files written to disk as groups of whole clusters
  6. 32-bit filing system for CD discs & some CD-R & CD-R W discs
    CDFS Compact Disc Filing System
  7. Vista utility can make backup of entire vol. Vista is installed & can also back up other vol.
    Complete PC Backup
  8. To rewrite file to a disk in 1 contiguous chain of clusters, thus speeding up data retrievel
  9. Win utility enables to delete temp files, free up space on drive
    Disk Cleanup
  10. way to partit'n 1 or more hard drives, so that the drives  can work together to store data in order to increase space for data or to provide fault tolerance /improved performance
    Dynamic disk
  11. volume type used w/dynamic disks by which you can create a single volume that uses space on mult. hard drives
    Dynamic volumes
  12. Win command prompt window that allows commands that require administrative privileges
    elevated command prompt window
  13. only partition on hard drive that can contain more than 1 logical drive
    In Win, hard drive can only have a single extended partition
    extended partition
  14. file allocat'n table
  15. 1/more sectors that constitute the smallest unit of space on a disk for storing data 
    AKA cluster
    file allocat'n unit
  16. overall structure an OS uses to name, store, & organize files on a disk
    file system
  17. preparing hard drive volume, logical drive, or USB flash drive for use by placing tracks & sectors on its surface to store info
  18. file that's been written to diff portions of  disk so that it's not in contiguous clusters
    fragmented files
  19. partitioning system installed on a hard drive that can support 128 partitions & is recommended for drives larger than 2 TB
    GUID / GPT Globally Unique Identifier Partition Table
  20. 1 of 2 ways to implement RAID.
    more dependable & better performing 
    implemented using BIOS on motherboard or  RAID controller card
    hardware RAID
  21. process performed by Win_____ program, Win installat'n program, or Disk mngmnt utility. 
    creates boot record, file system, & root directory, on hard drive volume, or logical drive, floppy disk, or USB flash drive
    high-level format
  22. txt files keep hard/software config info, user preferences, & app settings & are used by OS when 1st loaded & when needed by hardware
    initializat'n files
  23. portion/all of hard drive extended partition treated by OS as it's a physical drive /volume
    each drive assigned a letter & contain a file system
    logical drives
  24. process (usually @ factory) electronically creates hard drive tracks & sectors & tests bad spots on disc surface
    low-level formatting
  25. 1st sector on hard drive 
    contains partition table & BIOS program( used to boot OS from the drive
    Master Boot Record (MBR)
  26. database used by NTFS file system to track contents of volume/ logical drive
    MFT  master file table
  27. WinXP technique to provide fault tolerance where 1 hard drive duplicates another
  28. folder used as short cut space on another volume, which effectively increases size of folder to size of other volume
    mount point
  29. volume can be accessed byway of folder on another volume so the folder has more avail space
    mounted drive
  30. utility allows users to work w/files in folder while coputer not connected to corp. network
    once reconnected, Win syncs up file & folders w/ those on network
    Offline files
  31. Win swap file used to hold virtual memory used to enhance physical memory installed in system
  32. table at beginning of hard drive (in Master Boot Record)
    contains info about ea. partition on hard drive
    partition table
  33. hard disk partition containing only 1 volume
    *Win- computers can have up to 3 of these*
    primary partition
  34. procedure used to format hard drive volume, or other device, doesn't scan drive /volume for bad sectors, used only when previous drive has been previously formatted & is in healthy condit'n
    quick format
  35. several methods of config mult hard drives to store data to increase logical vol. size & improve performance, or to ensure that if 1 hard drive fails, data still avail from another hard drive
    RAID Redundant Array of inexpensive disks or redundant array of independent disks
  36. using space from 2+ physical discs to increase disk space avail for single vol. 
    improved performance, since data written evenly across all discs
    • RAID0
    • Win calls it a striped vol.
  37. type of drive imaging, duplic8s data on 1 drive to another & is used for fault tolerance
    • RAID1
    • Win calls it a mirrored vol
  38. database used to store hard/software config info, user prefrences, and setup info
  39. snapshot of Win system, usually made before install'n of new hardware or apps
    restore point
  40. on hard disk drive (SSD) smallest unit of bytes addressable by OS & BIOS
    most hard drives, 1 sector=512 bytes (they can have larger sectors)
  41. copy of open files made so open files are included in backup
    shadow copy
  42. type of vol. used on single hard drive
    simple volume
  43. wasted space on hard drive caused by not using all avail space at end of cluster
  44. using Win to implement RAID
    done using Disk Mngmnt Utility
    software RAID
  45. see RAID0
  46. backup of entire Win 7 vol. & can also include other vol.
    to backup, use Win7 Backup & Restore utility
    System image
  47. active partition of hard drive 
    contains boot record & 
    specific files required to start Win launch
    System partition
  48. utility auto backs up system files & stores in restore points on hard drive @ reg intervals & just before installing  soft/hardware
    System Protection
  49. utility used to restore system to restore point
    System Restore
  50. in Win2000XP, these files necess. to successfully load OS
    System state data
  51. 1 of many concentric circles on surface of hard disk drive / floppy disk
  52. file system for optical media
    used by all DVD discs &
    some CD-R and CD-RW discs
    UDF Universal Disc format
  53. collec'n of files & settings about a user acct
    that enables user's:
    personal data
    desktop settings
    & other operating parameters to be retained from 1 session to another
    user profile
  54. group of folders & sub folders in the C:Users folder that belong to a specific user acct & contain user profile
    user profile namespace
  55. method where OS uses hard drive as though it were RAM
    virtual memory
  56. primary partition that has been assigned a drive letter & can be formatted w/file system
    • volume
    •  ex:NTFS
  57. An * or ? char used in command line representing  a char or group of char in a filename or extension
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