Evolution and migrate

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Evolution and migrate
2013-09-22 01:19:16
This cards talk about evolution migrate people

This cards talk about evolution and migrate of people
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  1. Dinosaurs could not adapt to the warmer temperatures.
    The teacher adapted the exercises for his more advanced students.
    • adapt v.
    • To adjust to the circumstances; to make suitable
  2. India is one of the most linguistically diverse countries in the world.
    • diverse n.
    • Various; showing a lot of differences within a group
  3. Modern-day sharks evolved from their ancestor Eryops, which livedmore than 200 million years ago.
    • evolve v.
    • To develop; to come forth
    • Evolution
  4. The best feature of this car is its heated seats
    feature n.

    Part, characteristic
  5. As older managers retired, a new generation of leaders took control of the company
    • generation n.
    • A group of people born at about the same time
  6. No job can be interesting all the time. Boredom is inherent in anykind of work.
    • . inherent adj.
    • Naturally characteristic; always found within something,because it’s a basic part of that thing
  7. The migration of farm workers from one state to the next depends primarily on the harvest.
    • migration n.
    • Movement from one place to another by a group of people or animals.
  8. Because of the shape of its throat, an ape does not have the physical ability to speak.
    • physical adj.
    • Related to the body; related to materials that can be seenor felt
  9. To get a good job, most people go through a long process of letter writing and interviews
    process n. A series of steps leading to a result
  10. After getting lost in the mountains, Gordon survived by eating wild plants and catching fish
    • survive v.
    • To continue living (despite some danger or illness)