Forcible entry

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  1. What is the biggest rule to keep in mind for forcible entry?
    Try before you pry
  2. What are some general carrying tips for tools?
    • Request assistance with heavy tools
    • Use your legs to lift heavy tools
    • Keep sharp edges away from your body
    • Carry long tools pointed down
    • Be aware of wires
  3. What are the types of forcible entry tools?
    Striking, prying/spreading, cutting, hydraulic, lock, and pushing/pulling
  4. What are the basic components of a door?
    Door, jamb, hardware, and locking mechanism
  5. What are the types of wood doors?
    Slab, ledge, and panel
  6. Describe a solid-core wood door
    Consist of a solid wood core covered by a face panel
  7. Describe a hollow-core wood door
    Consist of a lightweight honeycomb interior covered by a panel
  8. Describe ledge doors
    Slabs of wood with horizontal bracing (similar to a barn door)
  9. Describe a wood panel door
    Solid wood doors made from wooden planks to form a rigid frame with solid wood panels set inside the frame
  10. What are the two types of metal doors?
    Solid-core and hollow-core
  11. Describe a solid-core metal door
    Foam or wood interior to reduce weight without affecting strength, covered in a metal sheet
  12. Describe a hollow-core metal door
    Metal framework interior so they are lightweight covered with a metal sheet
  13. What are the types of doors?
    Inward-swinging, outward-swinging, sliding, revolving, and overhead
  14. What must you do whenever you force open a door?
    Prop it open/put on a rubber latch strap to ensure it doesn't close again
  15. What are the types of windows?
    Jalousie, awning, double-hung, single-hung, horizontal sliding, projected (factory), and casement
  16. What are 4 safety concerns for breaking windows?
    • Wear PPE with face and eye protection
    • Clear area of personnel
    • Co-ordinate with fire attack to prevent backdraft and flare-ups
    • Clear window frame of all glass shards
  17. What are the types of glass construction?
    Regular, laminated, plate, tempered, and double/triple pane
  18. What process should you follow prior to forcing entry?
    • Double check the address
    • Look for a lockbox
    • Evaluate the threat level
    • Consider entry with the least amount of damage
    • Work in a co-ordinated fashion with team members
  19. Name three things related for forcible entry and salvage?
    • Try to keep damage to a minimum
    • Secure the structure before leaving
    • Ensure owner/RP has been contacted to secure the building
  20. What are the four categories of locks?
    • Cylindrical
    • Padlock
    • Rim
    • Mortise
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