Lecture 2-142

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  1. What does continuity of care deal with?
    helps with a easy transition b/w ambulatory/acute care and home healthcare and other types of healthcare settings in pt community.
  2. What do you need to consider when providing continuity of care?
    teaching and referrals in the care of pt and involving the family.
  3. What are some of the skills that nurses need in order to ensure continuity of care?
    • - communication
    • - teaching
    • - management of care
    • - nursing process - the way we think
    • - documentation
  4. What is community based care?
    it is healthcare that is provided to people who live within a geographical area.
  5. What is community based care centered upon?
    it is centered upon the individual an family.
  6. What  is the main purpose for community based health care?
    it is designed to meet needs of people as they move around the healthcare settings
  7. What does community based care focus on?
    • it focuses on promotion health and preventing illness. 
    • being aware of the resources around the pt.
    • case managment
  8. What is HIPAA
    HIPAA is a privacy rule that assures the pt that health info is protected while allowing the health info needed to provide and promote quality of care.

    • EG:
    •  -name
    • -PPF health
    • -care provided
    • -PPF payment
  9. What is a kardex card?
    a system used to provide pt info in a brief format.
  10. What is the basis of a discharge planning?
    to make sure that the pt and family's needs are met as the pt move on through the healthcare system
  11. Name specifics in admission to ambulatory care:

    Same -day surgery:
    • - need to get a health history
    • - HIPAA
    • - Then enters exam room.

    mostly all paperwork and examinations are done previously to day
  12. Name specifics in admissions to a hospital:
    • -provide pt with an ID #
    • - sign forms
    • - HIPAA
  13. Name specifics in transfers within the hospital setting:
    • - personal bel.
    • - chart & card
    • - notify family and physicians
    • - give a verbal report to new nurse
  14. Name specifics within transferring to long term care:
    • -send a copy to the long term care facility
    • - personal belongings
    • - verbal report
  15. What are the discharge guidelines?
    • -asses and identify the pt
    • - set goals for the pt
    • - teach the pt
    • - meet requirements for home
  16. What is health?
    a state of physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely absence of disease or infirmity.
  17. What is healthy people 2020?
    a national promotion and disease prevention project
  18. What are the goals of healthy people 2020?
    • (as a nation)
    • - better quality longer lives free of preventable disease
    • - eliminate disparities
    • -promote good health within social environments
    • -promote quality of life
  19. What are our national strengths?
    • health insurance
    • childhood vacinnation
  20. What are our national weaknesses?
    • teen pregnancy
    • obsesity
    • diabetes
    • sucicide
    • mental health disorders
  21. What are DE 2020 goals?
    • health promotion'
    • healthy food acess
    • improve child health
    • smoking cessation
    • diabetes managment
  22. What is a health promotion activities?
    • enabling people to increase control over and to improve their health through education and community based programs
    • excersise dieting
  23. What is health protection?
  24. What is disease prevention?
    protecting people form disease and the effects of disease

    three stages!!!
  25. What is home healthcare?
    service for people with acute illness, long term care, disability, terminal illness who need treatment and support to function in the home environment...
  26. What does home healthcare focus on?
    the main focus on home healthcare is continuity of care
  27. What is a referral?
    a person who recommends home care services and supplies the home health care agency with details about the pt needs...
  28. What are reimbursement sources?
    they pay for home healthcare services
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