Psych Learning

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  1. What is learning?
    • -permanent change in behavior due to experience
    • -process that allows us to adapt
  2. What is classical conditioning?
    • Classical Conditioning is the phenomenon in which one stimulus can through pairing with another stimulus come to produce a similar response
    • focuses on involuntary behavior
  3. What is stimulus generalization?
    tendency to respond to stimulus only similar to the original conditioned stimulus with the conditioned response
  4. what is stimulus discrimination?
    tendency to stop making a generalized response to a stimulus that is similar to original because the stimulus is never paired with an unconditioned response
  5. what is spontaneous recovery?
    can still make a response after some time to a once conditioned stimulus
  6. What is a conditional emotional response?
    emotional response that has become classically conditioned to occur to a learned stimuli
  7. List some conditional emotional responses:
    • learning of a phobia
    • vicarious conditioning
  8. what is vicarious conditioning?
    reflex response/emotion by watching the reaction of another person
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