Chapter 2

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  1. What is a plane and a section
    Planes are immaginary and sections are actual cuts/sections of the body.
  2. What is frontal and coronal?
    • Frontal = front, anterior, ventral
    • Coronal = back, posterior, dorsal
  3. What does "Para" mean?
    Close to or next to the midline, it's proximal, but not on the midline
  4. What are more terms for cranial and caudal?
    • Cranial = head
    • Caudal = tail, toe
    • Rostral = close to nose
  5. What do the terms Superficial, Deep, and Proximal mean?
    • Superficial = external, closer to outside of skin
    • Deep = more internal, deep to something, more underneath
    • Proximal = "close to" reference point (trunk/torso)
    • Distal = more "away from" reference point
  6. What's the difference b/w the dorsal body cavity and the ventral body cavity?
    • Dorsal = houses 2 organs of the central nervous system, spinal/vertebral cord & cranial/brain
    • Ventral = thoracic cavity - superior to diaphram
    • abdominopelvic cavity - inferior to diaphram, also divided into abdominopelvic and pelvic cavities
  7. What is mucus?
    thick, open to outside, mucin fibers which thicken
  8. what is serous membranes?
    thin, watery, found within closed body cavity
  9. what are the 3 cavities?
    • - pleural = right and left lungs
    • - pericardial = heart
    • - peritoneal = abdominopelvic cavity
  10. Phospholipid Bylayer
    • - phosphate group carries a "-" charge, this is the polar/water soluble part
    • - phospholipid bylayer seperates the ECF from the ICF
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