geol exam 1 questions

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  1. As compared to corse-grained igneous rocks, all fine-grained igneous rock _______.
    A cool and solidify more quick
    B. cool and solidify more slowly
  2. What is the techtonic plates?
    oceanic crust, lithosphere, continential crust
  3. What is obsidian?
    a volcanic glass
    b. concodial fracture
    c. all the above
  4. Why are there so much iron in the core?
    because its the heaviest and densest element.
  5. What are the 9 most common elements?
    • o
    • fe
    • mg
    • al
    • na
    • si
    • k
    • c
    • ca
  6. What are silicates?
  7. Why are silicate rocks the most common on Earth?
    A. the most common mineral are silicates
    b. fe, o, silicon, mg, make up 92.1 percent of the earth
  8. What is the Big Bang Theory?
    all of the universe condense into one point and exploded
  9. What is geographic north?
    axis the earth spins
  10. Magnetic north. Define
    angle between magnetic north to geo. north
  11. Magnetic inclination. define
    angle made with the horizontal by the compass needle of a vertically held compass.
  12. vesticular. define
    air bubble in rocks
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