petroleum alternatives

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  1. The constraints of military life kept Eileen from seeing Private Morris more than once a month.
    • constraint n.
    • Something that restricts thought or action
  2. The contamination in the river came from the factory located just up stream.
    contamination n. Being made less clean by a germ or hazardous substance.
  3. The prolonged war depleted the country’s national treasury
    • . deplete v.
    • To greatly decrease the supply of a resource or material
  4. She disposed of her unwanted possessions before moving.
    . dispose of v. To throw away; to get rid of; to kill
  5. Elementally, coal and diamonds are the same.
    elementally adv. In terms of elements; basically
  6. The Environmental Protection Agency regulates the emission of pollutants into the air.
    emission n. Sending out from a small space into the general environment; a substance discharged into the air
  7. Human beings have caused the extinction of many other species.
    extinction n. Complete disappearance; the end of existence
  8. Cult members threatened to poison the town’s water reservoir.
    . reservoir n. A place where a liquid is collected and stored
  9. If you dry your clothing on the “high heat”setting, they may shrink.
    shrink v. To become reduced in size, amount, or value
  10. He fell because the ladder wasn’t stable.
    stable adj. Firm and dependable; showing little change
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some words about petroleum alternatives

some words about petroleum alternatives
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