Chapter 3 Health and Illness

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  1. Excebation
    characterized by reactivation of symptoms
  2. remission
    is a temporary state of disappearance of the s/s r/t a particular disease. It's a short duration, but the duration is unpredictable opposite to excebation.
  3. The nurse understands that mortality denotes the number of people who
    died of a particular disease or condition. Which of the following
    indicates an infant mortality rate of 15?
    15 infant deaths per 1,000 live births (Mortality is the incidence of death from a particular disease or condition; 15 infant deaths per 1,000 live births indicates that the infant mortality rate is 15.)
  4. What is a dynamic state in which a person constantly adapts to changes in the internal and external environment?
  5. The concept of holism is based on the belief that
    Individuals cannot be seen apart from the environment. (Holism is based on the belief that people cannot be fully understood if examined solely in pieces apart from their environment.)
  6. stages of being acutely ill
    • stg 1: experiencing symptoms
    • stg 2: assuming the sick role
    • stg 3: assuming a dependent role
    • stg 4: achieving recovery and rehabilitation
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