psychology ch. 3 Sensation and Perception

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  1. absolute threshold
    Stimulus level at which a sensory signal is detected half the time
  2. difference threshold
    the threshold at which two different stimuli are detected as being different half of the time (just noticable difference)
  3. what is signal-detection theory?
    signal detection theory states that the threshold for detecting a signal depends not only on the properties of the stimulus itself-- like intensity, etc.-- but on the level of background stimulation, noise, and the biological and psychological makeup of the perceiver.
  4. trichromatic theory of color vision
    cones in the eye absorb either red, green or blue.
  5. opponent process theory of color vision
    } Three pairs of opposing color receptors

    ◦ Red-Green

    ◦ Blue-Yellow

    ◦ Black-White

    } Only 1 color in a pair can be activated
  6. place theory of pitch perception
    • } Place Theory
    • ◦ Different locations along the basilar membrane (inner ear) correspond to different pitches.
  7. frequency theory of pitch perception
    pitch is prouced by Rate of vibration in the basilar membrane
  8. selective attention
    • ◦ Selectively focus on certain things
    • ◦ Filter out certain things
  9. what is perceptual set
    perceptual set is the notion that perception is influenced by expectations and preconceptions
  10. bottom up processing 
    when the brain assembles specific features of shapes, such as angles and lines, to form patterns that we can compare with stored images we have seen b4
  11. top-down processing
    • processing things in our mind as a whole,
    • ex. recognizing someone's face
  12. binocular cues for depth perception
    ◦ Retinal disparity - distance between to retinal images of objects gives clues to the actual distance

    ◦ Convergence - degree to which the eyes turn inward to focus on an object
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