Chem133 Chapter 5

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  1. Standard pressure in the various units:
    • 1 atm
    • 1.01325x105 Pa
    • 101.325 kPa
    • 1.01325 bar
    • 760mmHg
    • 760torr
    • 14.7 lb/in2
  2. What is an ideal gas?
    A gas which exhibits a linear relationship among volume, pressure, temperature, and amount.
  3. What is Boyle's law?
    • at a constant temperature, the volume occupied by a fixed amount of gas is inversely proportional to the applied (external) pressure.
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  4. What is Charles' Law?
    • At a constant pressure, the volume occupied by a fixed amount of gas is directly proportional to its absolute (kelvin) temperature 
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  5. What two relations can be derived from Charles' and Boyle's laws?
    • Pressure is proportional to temperature Image Upload
    • Volume is proportional to amount of gas Image Upload
  6. What is the ideal gas law? and what is R?
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    • where R= .0821Image Upload
    • R= 8.314 Image Upload
  7. What is the equations for the RMS speed? What does RMS stand for?
    • Root-mean-square
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    • RImage Upload
  8. What is the rate of effusion of gas A vs gas B?
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