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  1. A set of rules that govern how documents written in HTML are interpreted and displayed through a browser.
    HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol)
  2. A very large wide area network (WAN) that connects computers and networks around the world.
  3. A group of networked computers that are all in one building, users can share hardware, software, and information.
    LAN (Local Area Network)
  4. A program that interprets hypertext documents on the Web and displays them on screen.
  5. A structure that handles major traffic in a networks system, like a highway.
  6. Use of technologies to process, distribute, and manage information among people and machines.
    Information Technology
  7. A high-speed network, created in the 1980s, to interconnect supercomputing centres and to give academic and research centres access to one another for exchanging information.
  8. An early version of the Internet by the Advanced Research Projects Agency of the US Department of Defense the linked together mainframe computers to form a communications network.
  9. Created in the 1980s, used mainly by defence agencies and the military.
  10. A set of rules or standards designed to enable computers to connect with one another and to exchange information with as little error as possible.
  11. A system that connects computers over a large geographical area to allow sharing of software, hardware, and information.
    WAN (Wide Area Network)
  12. Hypertext document links that, when selected, lead Internet users to another WWW page or another place within the same document.
  13. Web page adressess
    URLs (Universal Resource Locators)
  14. This calculating machine was considered to be the first computer.
  15. A standard network protocol for communication across networks.
    TCP/IPĀ (Transfer Communication Protocol/Internet Protocol)
  16. A computer scripting language used to create and display files on the Internet.
    HTML (Hypertext Markup Language)
  17. Local user networks providing access to the Internet's information and communication services.
    Internet Service Providers
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