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  1. Pericardial fiction rub is inflammation of
    Parietal & visceral surfaces
  2. Pericardial fiction rub sounds like
    sandpaper rubbing together
  3. Where is Pericardial fiction rub best heard?
    Apex and left lower sternal border
  4. How can we differeniate btwn pericardial & plerual rub?
    Have pt hold breath and listen
  5. How many heart sites should we auscultate?
  6. How are murmers graded?
    I/IV to IV/IV
  7. how loud is a I/IV murmer?
  8. How loud is a IV/IV murmur?
    Very. Heard w/o stethoscope
  9. How long should cap refill be?
  10. Edema of +1 is
  11. Edema of +4 is
  12. Normal ABPI is
  13. ABPI of <0.9 indicates
    some arterial diseaase
  14. ABPI of between 0.5 and 0.9 indicates
    Some claudication. Needs further evaluation
  15. ABPI of <0.5 indicates
    severe arterial disease
  16. 0 pulse
  17. 1+ pulse
  18. 2+ pusle
  19. 3+ pulse
  20. 4+ pulse
  21. Thrill
    Narrowed vessel vibration
  22. 6 Ps of arterial occlusion
    Pain, pallor, pulselessness, parasthesia, poikilothermia, paralysis
  23. How can wound drainage be described?
    serous, purulent,s erosanguinous, sanguinous
  24. Stage 1 PU:
    Intact skin, nonblanchable, localized redness
  25. Stage 2 PU:
    Partial skin loss, Superficial
  26. Stage 3 PU:
    Full thickness skin loss, SQ fat may show, can have tunnelling
  27. Stage 4 PU:
    full-thickness tissue loss, exposed bone or muscle, often has tunnelling
  28. Breath sounds in Lateral thorax
  29. Vesicular sounds like
    soft, breezy.
  30. Vesicular ration
  31. Where vesicular heard
    over periphery of lung
  32. Bronchovesicular sounds like
    blowing sounds. Medium intensity
  33. Bronchovesicular ratio
  34. Bronchovesicular heard
    over Heart posteriorly btwn scapulae & anteriorly over bronchioles lateral to sternum at 1st and 2nd intercostal spaces
  35. Bronchial sounds like
    loud and high pitched.
  36. Bronchial ratio
  37. Bronchial heard
    only over trachea
  38. Bronchovesicular AND vesicular sounds are normally heard
    over the posterior thorax
  39. Adventitious sounds caused by
    air passing thru moisture, mucus, narrowed airways, alveoli suddenly reinflatting, inflammation between pleurl linings
  40. Crackles are found
    in right and left lung bases
  41. Fine crackels sound like
    high pitched fine, short, rackling noises
  42. Fine crackles are heard when during respiratory cycle
    at end of inspiration
  43. Medium crackels sound like
    lower, moister
  44. Medium crackels are herard when durign resp cycle
    during middle of inspiration
  45. Coarse crackels sound like
    loud, bubbly
  46. Coarse crackles are heard when during resp cycle
    heard during inspiration
  47. Rhonchi are heard physically
    over trachea and bronchi
  48. Rhonchi sound like
    Loud rumbling noise.
  49. where are Wheezes heard physically
    Over all lung fields
  50. What do wheezes sound like
    High pitched, musical. Continuous
  51. When are wheezes loudest
  52. Pleural friction rub heard over (physically)
    anterior lateral lung field
  53. PLeural friction rub sounds like
    Dry, rubbing/grating
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