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  1. Adipose Tissue Human sec. Connective
  2. Areolar Tissue
  3. Blood Smear
  4. Cardiac Muscle Longitudinal
    • dense regular connective tissue
    • Found in Tendons and Ligaments
    • also stabilizing positions of internal organs
    • elastic cartilage
    • found in the ear, nose
    • tolerates distortion without damage
    • Fibrocartilage Cartilage
    • Pads found within the knee joint and between vertebrae
    • resist compression and prevent bone-bone contact
  5. Ground Compact Osseous cross section
  6. Hyaline Cartilage Connective
    • keratinized stratified squamous
    • outer skin of mouth, throat, and line the anus, esophagus
  7. non-keratinized stratified squamous
    • Reticular Loose connective
    • Found in nodes Kidneys, and spleen
    • forms tough flexible networks to prevent distortion.
    • Simple Columnar Epithelium
    • Found in the lining of stomach, intestines, and gall bladder
    • Simple Squamous
    • form passageways of kidneys and eyes
    • aveoli of lungs
  8. Skeletal Muscle crossed section
  9. Smooth muscle
  10. Neural Tissue (spinal cord multipolar)
  11. Transitional Epithelium
  12. Simple Squamous Low Power
  13. Simple Squamous high power
  14. Simple cuboidal Line exocrine glands, ducts, and passageways.found in kidneys and thyroid glands
  15. Simple Cuboidal High Power
  16. Simple Columnar
    • pseudostratified columnar
    • Found in larger airways of lungs and reproductive tracts
    • Transitional Epithelial
    • Parts that stretch, bladder, kidneys, penis
    • Areolar Tissue loose connective
    • General packaging material
    • Adipose Loose Connective tissue
    • Mostly adipocytes (fat cells)
    • Located deep to the skin (flanks, waist, breasts, and buttocks)
  17. Stratum Corneum
    First Layer of Epidermis
  18. Stratum Lucidium
    Second Layer of skin (Clear Layer)
  19. Stratum Granulosum
    Third Layer of skin (below the clear layer)
  20. Stratum Spinosum
    Fourth Layer of skin unkeratinized cells
  21. Stratum Basale
    Fifth Layer of skin. Basal (Stem) Cells
    • Stratified columnar
    • Commonly found in salivary glands or pancreas
    • Dense Irregular Connective Tissue
    • Absorbs stress from many directions
    • Protect visceral organs
    • form layer over bone, cartridge, and peripheral nerves
    • Hyaline Cartilage
    • reduces friction between bony surfaces
    • found where the ribs meet the sternum and mobile joints
  22. Apocrine Sweat Gland
    Secretes into the hair follicle
  23. Merocrine Sweat Gland
    Secretes directly out to skin
  24. Sweat Gland & Sweat Gland Duct
  25. Lamellated Corpuscle
  26. Tactile Corpuscle
  27. Free Nerve Endings

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