Motivation - Chapter 13

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  1. Arousal
    • a variety of processes (cortical, behavioural, and autonomic) that govern alertness, wakefulness, and activation
    • mostly a function of how stimulating the environment is
    • people engage in behaviour to increase or decrease their levels
    • inverted-u curve
  2. Underarousal
    • seek increases
    • increases in environmental stimulation are pleasurable and enhance performance
    • decreases are aversive and undermine performance
    • boredom
  3. Overarousal
    • seek decreases
    • increases in environmental stimulation are aversive and undermine performance
    • decreases are pleasurable and enhance performance
    • stress
  4. Baseline Level of Arousal
    how aroused a person is whiteout external stimulation
  5. Sensation Seeking
    • personality characteristic
    • prefers a continual external supply of brain stimulation, becomes bored with routine, and is continually in search of ways to increases arousal through exciting experiences
    • willingness to accept risks for the sake of such experiences
    • low levels of MOA and therefore relatively high levels of dopamine and seratonin
  6. Affect-intense
    • experience emotions strongly
    • show emotional reactivity and variability across many different emotion-eliciting situations
  7. Affect-stable
    • experience emotions mildly
    • show minor fluctuations in emotional reactions from moment to moment and day to day
  8. Extroversion
    • look for lots of people and stimulation
    • chronically underaroused
  9. Introversion
    • look for quiet times and are happy to stay home
    • chronically overaroused
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