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  1. Long sleeper (type B personality)
    • 9 or more hrs of sleep
    • calm,laid back, think before acts
    • often lost in thought, daydreaming
  2. short sleeper (type A personality)
    • 6 or fewer hrs of sleep
    • prone to heart disease/heart attacks
    • restless,impatient, impulsive
    • ambitious, but take on too many tasks
  3. sleep requirements
    • ppl vary in sleep needs
    • at least 9 hrs for teens 
    • brain is still developing
    • babies and young children needs closer to 13 hrs
  4. Microsleep- Hypnagogic
    • right before falling asleep or before waking up
    • brain can learn new information but not attain it
    • groggy/half asleep feeling-then enters stages of sleep
  5. Sleep Theories
    • Repair neurotransmitters are replenished and cells repaired
    • blood pressure is regulated
    • adequate rest is essential
  6. Ecological
    Sleeping during night time; human instinct to evade harm
  7. Sleep Cycle
    cross micro-sleep and enter stage 1 of sleep
  8. stage 1
    • very light sleep
    • doesn't last long
    • host of changes initiated by medulla
    • heart rate slows
    • breathing and blood pressure slightly slows
    • high brain wave activity
    • muscles begin to relax
  9. stage 2
    medulla readjusting
  10. stage 3
    • changes from stage 1 continue 
    • sound quality of breathing changes
  11. stage 4
    • deepest sleep achievable known at DELTA sleep (brain waves-can be studied)
    • babies/young children spend great deal of time in delta
    • varies in adults based on how tired
    • older ppl lack delta time
  12. stages 1-4
    • slow wave or NREM sleep= 75% of total sleep time
    • REM time=25%
  13. REM-rapid eye movement
    • important to discharge 'debris of day'
    • when deprived or not logging enough time is may be difficult to learn new material
  14. REM suppresants
    • alcohol or excessive drinking
    • sleep aid or aspirin
  15. male dreams
    • more action
    • most likely to not remember sleep
    • sleeps deeper
  16. women dreams
    • dreams are in color more often
    • more likely real life, more conversation
  17. Sleep Cycle
  18. insomnia
    • late onset sleep
    • early morning awakening
    • toss n turn
  19. late onset sleep
    • can not fall asleep readily within 15 minutes
    • falls asleep 3 plus hrs later
    • -- shouldnt have coffee past 7pm/ late night exercising/ taking problems to bed with you/ get issues off mind and onto paper before bed
  20. early momring awakening
    • falls asleep within 15 min. window but wakes up too early
    • usually within 3 hrs
    • -- depression is clinically linked/ alcoholism
  21. toss n turn
    • fragmented sleep without quality sleep
    • --chronic pain situation/ back issues/ pain wakes you/ arthritis/ anxiety/ try relaxation techniques/ melatonin/ stay away from sleep aid
  22. sleep methods
    • white noise helps sleep/ gentle movement(care ride) 
    • music/ waterfall
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