Membrane Protein Functions

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  1. structural
    provide organization and flexible support to membrane components
  2. Transport
    • facilitate transport of nutrients across membranes
    • - Channels: provide open and gated channels across lipid bilayers
    • - Ion channels specific for Na, K, and CA
    • - connexin produces nonspecific channels between adjoining cells
    • Active transport enzymes: use energy, often from ATP, to drive transport of ions and metabolites across membranes
  3. Light Transduction
    Rhodopsin: accepts light energy in the retina and transduces it into an electrochemical signal that is recognized by the nervous system

    • Bacteriorhodopsin: occurs in certain photosynthetic bacteria and uses light energy to transport protons, which then provide an energy source
    • Reaction Center proteins-- interact with pigents such as chlorophyll in membranes that trap light energy for photosynthesis
  4. Electron Transport
    function in the transport of electrons by coupling membranes of plant and animals cells
  5. Receptors
    bind molecules such as hormones and neurotransmitters and elicit a cellular response
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