AP Gov Unit 2

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  1. policial efficacy
    Def: A citizen's belief that he or she can understand and influence political affairs. This sens is divided into two parts internal efficacy (confidence in a citizen's own abilities to understand and take part in political affairs) and external efficacy (a belief that the system will respond to a citizen's demands).
  2. John Q. Public
    Def: A Colloquial term for average citizen and what they want to believe. Often portrayed as bespectacled and befuddles. John Q. Public is the "little guy" or "common man" representing the randomly selected "man on the street."
  3. Middle America
    Def: A phrase coined by Joseph Kraft in a 1968 newspaper column to refer to Americans who have moved out of poverty but are not yet affluent and who cherish traditional middle-class value Party of the US middle class thought of as being an average citizen in income and education. They are usually conservative in their attitudes and values (social issues.)
  4. silent majority
    Def: Phrase used to describe people, whatever their economic status, who uphold traditional values, especially against the counterculture of the 1960s. Refers to the unspecified large majority of people in a country or group who do not publicly express their opinions.
  5. gender gap
    Def: differences in the political views and voting behavior of men and women. Men have become more Republican while women stayed Democratic since the 1960s. Gap is due to attitudes about the size of government, gun control..social issues. Men are more conservative than women but 1960s/70s men changed party loyalty to match with policy preferences
  6. poll
    Def: survey of public opinion. Show opinions in general of the whole public. It's taken as a survey from a random sample of the entire population. Questions asked are comprehensible and asked fairly so no group of people will be biased form who is asking the survey questions. Polls take data collected from thousands of people (a big sample) to make the error smaller but sometimes, there are sampling errors
  7. liberal
    Def: in general, a person who favors a more active federal government for regulating business, supporting social welfare, and protecting minority rights, but who prefers less regulation of private social conduct.
  8. conservative
    Def: in general a person who favors a more limited and local government, less government regulation of markets, more social conformity to traditional norms and values, and tougher policies towards criminals
  9. political ideology
    Def: a more or less consistent set of views as to the policies government ought to pursue.
  10. motor-voter law
    Def: a bill passed by Congress in 1993 to make it easier for Americans to register to vote. The law which went into effect in 1995, requires states to allow voter registration by mail, when one applies for a driver's license and of state offices that serve the disabled or poor
  11. registered voters
    Def: people who are registered to vote. While almost all adult American citizens are theoretically eligible to vote, only those who have completed a registration form by the required date may do so
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