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  1. Cells that connect body parts
    Fibroblast and Erythrocyte (red blood cells)
  2. Fibroblast
    • Elongated cells that lie along the cable-like fibers that it secretes; has large Golgi apparatus to make and secrete the protein building block of these fibers; to connect body parts
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  3. Erythocyte
    • red blood cell that carries oxygen in the bloodstream; only contains oxygen-carrying pigment; connects body parts by circulating through the blood stream
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  4. Cell that covers and lines body organs
    • Epithelial cell
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  5. Epithelial cell
    • Hexagonal shaped cell like that of a "honeycomb"; which allows cells to pack closely together in sheets; resist tearing when it is rubbed or pulled; covers and lines body organs
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  6. Cells that move organs and body parts
    Skeletal muscle and smooth muscle cells
  7. Skeletal muscle and smooth muscle cells
    • Elongated cells filled with abundant contractile filaments so they can shorten forcefully and move the bones, body parts, or change the size of internal organs
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  8. Cell that stores nutrients
    Fat cell
  9. Fat Cell
    • Huge spherical shaped cell produced by large lipid droplet in its cytoplasm; stores nutrients
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  10. Cell that fights disease
    Macrophage (a phagocytic cell)
  11. Macrophage
    • a phagocytic cell that extends pseudopods to crawl through tissue to reach infections; contains many lysosomes in order to fight infections and disease
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  12. Cell that gathers information and controls body functions
    Nerve cell (neuron)
  13. Nerve cell
    Has long processes (extensions) for receiving and transmitting to other body structures information it gathers to control body functions

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  14. Cells of reproduction
    Oocyte (female); Sperm (male)
  15. Oocyte
    Largest cell in the female body; contains several copies of all organelles for distribution to future daughter cells
  16. Sperm
    Long and streamlined cell that has flagellum to swim to the Oocyte in the female

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Cells that connect body parts and cells that covers and lines body organs
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