Phych 111 chapter 3

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  1. Sensation
    occurs when special receptors in the sense organs are activated, allowing various forms of outside stimuli to become neural signals in the brain
  2. Transduction
    process of converting outside stimuli, such as light into neural activity
  3. Sensory receptors
    specialized forms of neurons, the cells that make up the nervous system
  4. Just noticeable difference (jnd or difference threshold)
    the smallest difference between two stimuli that is detectable 50% of the time.
  5. Synesthesia
    disorder in which the signals from the various sensory organs are processed in the wrong cortical areas, resulting in he sense information being interpreted as more than one sensation.
  6. Absolute threshold
    the lowest level of stimulation that a person can consciously detect 50% of the time the stimulation is present
  7. Webers law
    simply means that whatever the difference between stimuli might be, it's always a constant
  8. Limin means
  9. Subliminal stimuli
    are stimuli that are below the level of conscious awareness
  10. Sublimin means
    below threshold
  11. subliminal perception
    ppl believe that these stimuli act upon the unconscious mind, influencing behavior in a process
  12. Event-related potentials (ERP's)and Functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI)
    used to verify the existence of subliminal perception and associated learning in the laboratory
  13. Supraliminal
    above the threshold
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